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LPBW spoiler: Tori and Zach Roloff discuss possibility of welcoming a child of average height

Zach and Tori Roloff of LPBW
Tori and Zach discussed the possibility of welcoming an average-sized child the third time. Pic credit: TLC

Tori and Zach Roloff discuss the possibility of their third child being born of average height during Tuesday’s episode of Little People, Big World.

As LPBW viewers are aware, Tori and Zach welcomed their third child, a son named Josiah Luke Roloff, in April. Josiah joined siblings Jackson and Lilah.

In a clip from tomorrow’s episode of LPBW, Tori and Zach returned from an ultrasound appointment and shared their thoughts about what they saw during the scan.

LPBW spoiler: Tori and Zach Roloff discuss the possibility of welcoming an average-height baby

“We had a doctor’s appointment today, just kind of an update. Um, ultrasound, checking on baby, and it was kind of fun cuz I got to show both kids the ultrasound pictures,” Tori said during her and Zach’s confessional.

Talking about the gender of the baby, which Tori and Zach decided to keep under wraps until delivery, Tori was confident that she saw “something something.” At the same time, Zach wasn’t so sure they were having another boy.

Aside from discussing the baby’s gender, Zach and Tori considered that they could welcome another baby with dwarfism, as Zach, Jackson, and Lilah were all born with achondroplasia, the most common type of dwarfism, which Amy Roloff was also diagnosed with at birth.

Zach brought up the measurements for baby Josiah, which, at the time, were average. “All the measurements are average for the week, so not a dwarf?” Zach wondered.

Tori had a feeling that Josiah would be born of average height and added, “I’m getting average-height vibes. It’s right on track — all the long bones are on track.”

How would a child of average height fit into the Roloffs’ family dynamic?

During another confessional, Tori admitted that she thought adding an average-sized child to the family would be a fun changeup in their dynamic.

“I think it would be fun to have an average-height baby,” Tori shared. Zach chimed in, “Yeah if we have an average height [baby], it’d just be different. It’d be like a different experience.”

Zach explained how the dynamic shift would affect Jackson, Lilah, and eventually Josiah: “I would imagine having all dwarf siblings would just kind of [be] like, ‘Hey, we’re a pack, and that’s the outside world.’ But then, when you have an average-height sibling, I wish I was more like my sibling. Changes the dynamic a little bit.”

Zach knows a thing or two about being a dwarf and having average-height siblings. Of Amy and Matt Roloff’s four children, he is the only dwarf. And even more, interestingly, Zach’s twin brother Jeremy Roloff is of average height.

You can watch the preview clip in its entirety here.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery+.