LPBW spoiler: Tensions still high between Zach and Matt Roloff: ‘It’s not gonna be the same’

LPBW co-stars Matt, Zach, and Tori Roloff
Matt made an effort to make peace when he visited Tori and Zach’s new home. Pic credit: TLC

The next episode of Little People, Big World proves that things between Matt Roloff and his son Zach are still “tense.”

As Monsters and Critics reported, Zach and his wife Tori put in a bid to purchase the north side of Roloff Farms, only for things to take a left turn during negotiations.

Zach accused Matt of trying to dictate everything, while Matt inferred that Zach and Tori weren’t “good enough” to live on the farm.

Now, in a clip from the June 7 episode of LPBW, viewers will see that the awkward tension between Matt and Zach is still very much alive.

Matt Roloff visits Zach and Tori’s new Washington home on LPBW

The scene opens with Matt making the hour-long drive from Hillsboro, Oregon, to Battle Ground, Washington, to see Zach and Tori’s new home for the first time.

Matt hoped to “push the awkwardness aside” during his visit and came bearing gifts, a sort of olive branch he extended to Zach and Tori. Matt transported a riding mower to Zach and Tori’s as their housewarming gift, in a gesture he hoped would dissipate the tension.

“I am just staying out of this situation,” Tori revealed before Matt arrived. “I’m letting Zach do his thing, and it’s not my responsibility or my thing. That’s just Zach’s realm, so like, it made sense for me to kind of let the boys do their thing and… they don’t need a girl out there telling them what to do.”

For his part, Zach was grateful for the lawnmower, but he admitted that things between himself and Matt were still “tense.”

Zach grateful for dad Matt’s gesture but says relationship is ‘still tense’

“Yeah, it’s nice my dad brought the lawnmower, but you know, the relationship’s still tense. And it’s not like what it was,” Zach confessed. “I’ve been upset with my dad before for not liking how my dad does something, but you know, now it’s like I’m at an age now where I’m not just gonna turn around again. Like, it’s not gonna be the same.”

Matt’s ex-wife and Zach’s mom Amy Roloff has found herself caught in the middle of the feud and admitted that it’s been “hard” for her to watch her ex-husband squabbling with their son.

At the end of the day, though, Amy will always support her son Zach: “I’ve said it in the episodes before: Matt is still the father, he is still ‘the adult.’ I don’t care how old your kids are. Sometimes there are things that they may need to learn, but, as a father, you may have to take the higher road.”

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery+.

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1 year ago

Gotta say I feel sorry for Zach. His dad is being a DB because he feels that he has to dictate things. He may have come with a new mower as a ‘peace offering’ but I really think it was more of trying to buy Zach off. At least now Zach and Tori have their own property and can make it theirs. Honestly I think it would be a bad idea for Zach to have the north side of the property, all because Matt would try and still be around to dictate how things should be. Matt needs to come off his high horse if he ever expects to have a decent relationship with his kids again,

1 year ago

Zach you get one Dad in life an once he’s gone there’s no chance of saying “I wish we would have worked this out “ I’m sure you will not always agree eye to eye with your kids . Just ask yourself what it more important . Your Dad has 4 kids so maybe that’s his thinking of “deal with this as a business transaction “ than a heart decision