LPBW spoiler: Matt Roloff says he never told the kids they would inherit the farm

Matt Roloff confessional
Matt says he never promised any of his kids they would inherit the farm. Pic credit: TLC

In the November 8 episode of Little People, Big World, Matt Roloff claims that he never told any of his children they would inherit Roloff Farms.

The future of Roloff Farms has been a topic of contention among the Roloff family in recent seasons on LPBW.

As viewers are aware, twin brothers Zach and Jeremy Roloff each threw their hats in the ring to purchase the north side of the farm, including the family’s farmhouse.

However, negotiations fell through, causing a rift between Matt and his sons.

In tonight’s episode, Matt talks with his friend, Cowboy Bob, about the future of the north side of the farm as he approaches retirement age.

Matt admits that although he feels the legacy of the farm is important, he thinks that his children should at least partially earn anything he chooses to give them.

LPBW patriarch Matt Roloff on the future of the farm: ‘I never said anybody would inherit it’

According to Matt, he never promised inheritances to any of his kids, but he says his actions lead them to believe otherwise.

“A lot of people say that I told the kids that they would inherit this property, and I never said anybody would inherit it,” Matt confesses. “I always said that, hopefully, we could keep this as a legacy. That made a giant assumption, which was my fault.”

Matt says that his assumption was that his kids would work together “as a team” and share the family business. But Matt says that his kids each had different goals in mind, something he doesn’t blame them for.

“But I cannot keep an expectation that no longer is valid,” Matt adds.

Life after Zach and Jeremy Roloff’s plans to purchase the farm fell through

Matt opens up about what his son Zach wanted in terms of purchasing the north side of the farm. By Matt’s account, Zach didn’t want his dad “hovering over” the operations but instead wanted his own creations, which Matt respects.

Since Zach’s twin brother, Jeremy, no longer films for LPBW, Matt wasn’t able to disclose what happened during their negotiations.

Zach and his wife Tori ended up moving to Battle Ground, Washington, with their kids after their plans to purchase the farm were foiled. Jeremy and his wife Audrey followed suit with their kids, purchasing their own land in Oregon following the “death” of their dream.

Following failed negotiations between his sons, Matt decided to list the farm for sale, only to pull it off the market recently. Matt changed directions and is now going to renovate the farmhouse and rent it out in an Airbnb fashion to interested parties.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays on 9/8c on TLC and Discovery+.

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