LPBW spoiler: Matt Roloff says ex Amy Roloff crossed the line from ‘micromanager’ to ‘dictator’

amy and matt roloff lpbw preview
Matt and Amy still aren’t getting along. Pic credit: TLC

It’s been eight years since Matt and Amy Roloff split, and the Little People, Big World exes are still not on amicable terms.

Season 25 of LPBW is just around the corner, and a preview for the new season shows the tension among the Roloff family.

In a clip shared by TLC, Amy shares that she and her husband, Chris Marek, are hosting a fundraising event alongside her ex-husband, Matt Roloff, and his bride-to-be, Caryn Chandler.

During lunch with her BFF, Lisa, Amy admits, “I am running the show,” and during a solo confessional, Amy adds, “We’ll do it my way.”

Obviously, her comments don’t sit well with Matt, who isn’t shy about voicing his opinions, either.

“Amy, she’s crossed that line from micromanager to dictator quicker than me,” Matt tells TLC’s cameras during his own confessional.

He continues, “Amy has not been known for being apologetic,” as he’s seated next to his ex-wife during a joint confessional.

Amy and Matt Roloff get into a tiff in the LPBW Season 25 trailer

“Oh, yes, I have,” Amy boldly interjects. “You’re the one that doesn’t take ownership or apologize.”

Amy points at Matt and tells the cameras, “He doesn’t apologize.”

LPBW viewers left their opinions on Matt and Amy’s interaction in the comments section of the YouTube clip, where most of them agreed that the exes need to move on and forget about each other.

LPBW viewers react to Matt and Amy’s ongoing relationship following their divorce

One commenter said that Matt calling someone else a dictator is “beyond ironic,” hinting that he’s, in fact, the dictator, not Amy.

“Honestly Matt gets so overpowering and nasty,” wrote another LPBW fan who defended Amy.

“Amy can’t help but get mean!” they added.

lpbw viewers comment on matt and amy roloff's argument on youtube
LPBW viewers react to Matt and Amy’s argument. Pic credit: @TLC/YouTube

“They both need to live separate lives,” voiced another YouTube commenter who placed a lot of the blame on Amy.

“Amy still holds resentment,” they continued. “She should have worked on self healing before considering a relationship let alone marriage. Move forward.”

Matt and Amy have since moved on following their 2016 divorce. While Amy is married to Chris, Matt is currently engaged to Caryn.

Despite Matt and Amy’s messy divorce, the foursome still hangs out together, leading some LPBW fans to believe it’s all staged for the cameras.

Not only are Matt and Amy still struggling to get along, but the preview for Season 25 of LPBW shows us that others in the family are having a hard time finding peace, too.

More Roloff family drama unfolds this season on LPBW

When Matt and Amy’s son, Zach, is asked how he feels about Matt and Caryn’s engagement, he has trouble looking at the camera and changes the subject.

“I didn’t reply. I don’t wanna talk about it,” he admits.

In another scene, Matt admits that he and Caryn don’t see Zach and his wife, Tori, that often anymore.

Matt believes that Zach and Tori must have made “some kind of pact” not to visit Roloff Farms any longer.

Caryn expresses in another segment that she’s not used to “being cut off,” and Chris reveals, “They don’t come over anymore.”

On top of all of the Roloff family drama, we also learn that Zach undergoes emergency brain surgery, causing further distress.

As TLC teased, Season 25 will surely be filled with “family surprises and continued tension,” so be sure to tune in next week to watch it all unfold.

Season 25 of Little People, Big World premieres on Tuesday, February 20, at 9/8c on TLC.

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