LPBW spoiler: Matt Roloff not surprised by Zach’s move to Washington, calls it a ‘rash’ decision

LPBW patriarch Matt Roloff
Matt wasn’t surprised by his son Zach’s move to Washington. Pic credit: TLC

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff said he wasn’t surprised about his son Zach’s decision to move from Oregon to Washington.

As LPBW viewers know, negotiations between Matt and Zach to discuss the purchase of the farm didn’t go well.

Zach accused his dad of trying to dictate too much, and Matt felt that Zach and his wife Tori were too lackadaisical about the responsibilities of living on a working farm.

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During the May 24 episode of LPBW, Matt and Caryn join Amy and Chris at their house for dinner to express their gratitude for getting the farm ready for their August 2021 nuptials.

LPBW: Matt Roloff reveals how he feels about Zach and Tori moving

During dinner, Chris asks Matt how he felt about the news that Zach, Tori, and the kids were moving to Battle Ground, Washington.

'Little People, Big World': Matt Roloff Wasn't Shocked By Zach Roloff's Move

“Oh my goodness,” Matt replied, “We used to see them like — because we’re at the farm right there — you know, two or three times a week. But you know, everybody needs to feel like they’re flying on their own power.”

During a confessional with Caryn, Matt admitted, “To me, it wasn’t as big of a surprise as it was for, say, Caryn and for Chris because I kind of know the Roloff gene a little better. It’s a radical, you know, gene that likes to make big, rash decisions quickly, you know. So to me, it just, you know, the pieces just fit.”

Chris and Amy weigh in on Zach and Tori’s move to Washington

Matt then questioned Chris and Amy about their feelings on Zach and Tori moving: “I’m disappointed that they’re moving that far away,” Chris admitted.

Next, Amy added her opinion on Zach and Tori moving 45 minutes away: “You know, um, they need to make the choices that they think they need to make for their family. I may not agree with it — I am sad because I won’t see Jackson and Lilah as much — and as much as they say, ‘Oh well, you know, you can come and see us and we’ll come and see you,’ I know reality when your kids get older and stuff. Time just does not warrant that, so we’ll wait and see.”

Recently, Amy spoke about the failed negotiations between Matt and Zach regarding purchasing the north side of the farm. The 57-year-old reality TV star felt that Matt treated it too much like a business negotiation and took the family element out of it, telling her fans, “This has come at a big cost.”

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery+.

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1 year ago

Yeh, you are losing your family listening to her.

1 year ago make no say Zach doesn’t want to put the work into the farm..are you going to dictate to whoever buys your farm that they need to do the “work”? Also you say you have 3 other kids and it would effect their inheritanse.. Zach was paying you…that would cover the share of all of your kids..its all about greed and Karen should not be involved, it has nothing to do with her..