LPBW: Matt and Zach Roloff dish on their strained relationship

Matt and Zach Roloff LPBW confessionals
Matt and his son Zach opened up about the possibility of mending their relationship. Pic credit: TLC

Little People, Big World father-son duo Matt and Zach Roloff opened up about the state of their relationship amid their recent feud.

As LPBW viewers watched last season, Matt and Zach’s relationship fell apart when they couldn’t reach a deal while negotiating over purchasing the north side of the farm.

Matt later decided to list the farm for sale — before pulling it off the market to rent out to LBPW fans — further angering his family and fans of the show.

Now, Matt and Zach have shared where they stand in each other’s lives these days and whether they think a reconciliation is possible.

Cassie DiLaura of Entertainment Tonight sat down with each of the men at their homes in Oregon and Washington to discuss the sensitive topic.

According to Matt’s view of things, he’s hopeful about the future of his relationship with Zach and thinks they’re headed in the right direction.

LPBW patriarch Matt Roloff says relationship with son Zach is ‘on the right path’

“I would say that the status of the relationship, if I had to summarize it, it’s on the right path,” Matt shared, adding that although it hasn’t been easy, “We’ve had some setbacks in recent years. We’ve shared all of those on the upcoming season and before. Our real life is always a little bit ahead of when things are released. But we’re definitely working.”

For his part, Zach isn’t as hopeful when it comes to moving forward with his dad. “It’s still pretty tough, yeah, it’s a tough situation,” Zach shared.

Zach Roloff sees his relationship with dad Matt Roloff differently

“I think a lot has happened. It’s gonna take a long time. I don’t think responsibility has been taken, but, again, we’re just raising our family,” Zach continued.

Zach added that it’s “unfortunate” that the large Roloff family — consisting of four children and seven grandchildren — can’t enjoy this season of life together and on the farm; instead, they’ve become separated.

Matt’s ex-wife and Zach’s mom, Amy Roloff, also spoke with DiLaura and gave her two cents about Matt and Zach’s relationship.

Amy admitted that the tension within the family is real and not “driven” by the show and is hopeful that her ex and her son can come to a peaceful agreement that would allow them to have some sort of relationship, including with the grandkids.

Only time will tell whether Matt and Zach will be able to completely work through their differences. But in the meantime, LPBW fans have another season to look forward to when Season 24 debuts on November 1.

You can watch Matt and Zach’s interviews in their entirety here.

Little People, Big World returns for Season 24 on Tuesday, November 1 at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery+.

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1 year ago

I’m glad Matt took the farm off the for sale, Zach needs to grow up and realize family is most important and you do not want other people to make your decisions and your not the only child, Your dad built the farm.

1 year ago
Reply to  Virginia

I am team Matt as well. Zach is acting very childish and entitled.