LPBW: Jacob Roloff’s wife Isabel answers fans, teases about buying Roloff Farms

LPBW alums Isabel and Jacob Roloff
When a curious fan asked Isabel Roloff about buying half of the farm, she served them a witty remark. Pic credit: @isabelsofiarock/Instagram

Isabel Roloff served up a cheeky response when a fan asked her whether she and her husband, Little People, Big World alum Jacob Roloff, would be purchasing half of Roloff Farms.

It doesn’t seem like the farm life is for Isabel and Jacob Roloff after an answer Isabel gave one of her followers on social media.

Isabel, who is pregnant with her and Jacob’s first child, a son, answered some fan questions in her Instagram Stories.

Isabel Roloff answers an LPBW fan about buying Roloff Farms

One of Isabel’s fans asked the red-headed beauty, “Are you and Jacob buying the 1/2 of the farm? U seem to be there a lot”

Isabel gave a sarcastic remark to her follower that seemed to confirm that she and Jacob won’t be taking over Matt Roloff’s duties on the farm any time soon.

“I also go to the Thai place down the street a lot but have no plans of purchasing it,” Isabel replied to her fan.

Isabel has been spending a lot of time at the farm lately. In fact, she has been one of the Roloff family members helping with pumpkin season for the month of October.

isabel roloff cheekily answered a fan about buying roloff farms on Instagram stories
Pic credit: @isabelsofiarock/Instagram

Isabel was featured in one of Roloff Farms’ posts on their Instagram Feed, alongside her mother-in-law, Amy Roloff, as they donned Roloff Farms aprons on the job.

Who will take over Roloff Farms when Matt Roloff retires?

Now that Matt Roloff is 60 years old and will soon be thinking about retirement, LPBW fans have been wondering about the fate of Roloff Farms.

So far, none of the Roloff children have chosen to move onto the farm after their mom, Amy Roloff, sold her portion and moved into a new home with her husband Chris Marek.

Zach and Tori have tossed around the idea of buying Amy’s portion of the farm but so far that hasn’t happened.

Jeremy and Audrey talked about trying to purchase the farm last May, but told their fans that it didn’t work out, and neither Jeremy nor Audrey addressed the particular reasons why they didn’t purchase the farm, leaving LPBW fans feeling puzzled.

During an episode of their podcast, the couple alluded to the fact that there were too many contingencies they weren’t made aware of or were possibly misled about, which ultimately lead to them not purchasing the farm.

Some fans speculate that Matt would only accept full price and not discount the price just because they are family. Another reason might have to do with the fact that Jeremy and Audrey walked away from filming in 2018, and living on the farm may have come with some rules about still filming the show.

Matt Roloff has expressed that his ultimate goal would be to see either of his and Amy’s eldest twin sons, Jeremy or Zach, living on and running the farm.

Matt has begun the process of building his dream home on the farm, so it looks like he’s planning on staying on Roloff Farms, even after retirement.

Molly, the Roloffs’ only daughter, moved to Spokane, Washington with her husband, Joel Silvius, and visits every so often. She doesn’t seem to be interested in the operations of the farm, though she spent her childhood growing up there.

For now, it looks like Matt Roloff will enjoy the rest of his years on the farm with his girlfriend Caryn Chandler by his side.

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus.

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