LPBW: Jacob Roloff had to ‘put down’ a furry intruder on Roloff Farms — Here’s what happened

Jacob Roloff YouTube
Jacob records a video with his wife, Isabel, on their YouTube channel. Pic credit: @RockRoloff/YouTube

Little People, Big World alum Jacob Roloff shared an unfortunate event at Roloff Farms.

As LPBW fans know, Jacob and his wife, Isabel Roloff, help with the operations at Roloff Farms.

Jacob can often be found assisting his dad, Matt Roloff, with jobs around the family’s 100+ acre property.

On Tuesday night, Jacob took to his Instagram Story to share what happened inside one of the farm’s chicken coops.

According to Jacob, there was an intruder on the farm this week who got ahold of some of the chickens, inflicting deadly harm on one and viciously injuring another.

Jacob posted a photo of a rifle positioned on the ground with a message explaining what happened.

LPBW alum Jacob Roloff says he had to ‘put down’ a raccoon who killed and injured Roloff Farms’ chickens

“Raccoon got in the coop last night. Killed one and brutally injured another so I have to put it down,” Jacob wrote. “Sucks big time.”

Jacob then asked his 367,000 Instagram followers if they had any suggestions to prevent such events from happening again.

jacob roloff shared details about a raccoon invader on roloff farms in his Instagram story
Jacob shared details about a raccoon getting into the coop on Roloff Farms and inflicting deadly harm. Pic credit: @jacobroloff45/Instagram

“Any tips (that actually work) for deterring raccoons welcome in the DMs,” Jacob added.

Roloff Farms has faced multiple intruders in recent months

The chicken coops at Roloff Farms seem to have been under attack lately. As Monsters and Critics reported last month, a large bald eagle approached the henhouse and attacked the chickens.

Jacob noted that the eagle made it into the pen and began attacking the chickens, but he showed up just in time to save them.

Roloff Farms shared a photo of the eagle on their Instagram feed which they captioned, “Pretty wild! @jacobroloff45 went to put our chickens up for the night when he saw this Bald Eagle attempting to hunt our flock! Luckily the hens were already hiding but wow what a sight to see ?”

At the time of the incident, Jacob also reported that raccoons were invading the pen, eating the eggs. He and the rest of the farm crew will be keeping an extra eye on their coops these days.

Jacob lends his handiwork at Roloff Farms

Jacob has been quite a helpful addition to Roloff Farms. While Isabel helps with Pumpkin Season, assisting her mother-in-law, Amy Roloff, Jacob is more involved behind the scenes.

Last summer, Matt sang Jacob’s praises when he installed a shallow gutter drain on the farm where a soft spot had built up. Jacob’s hard work allowed Matt to install a new train track, thereby resuming train rides at Roloff Farms.

After concerns that Pumpkin Season wouldn’t happen this year — when reports surfaced that Matt failed to file paperwork, rendering Roloff Farms administratively dissolved and questions arose about the north side being a rental property — Matt confirmed, much to LPBW fans’ delights, that Pumpkin Season 2023 is “still on for 2023!”

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus.

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