LPBW: Jackson Roloff makes his parents proud with his bravery, he’s ‘way cooler’ than they’ll ever be

Zach, Jackson and Tori Roloff of LPBW
Jackson Roloff made his parents Tori and Zach proud with his bravery at the skate park. Pic credit: TLC

Jackson Roloff of Little People, Big World is one cool kid — “way cooler” than his parents Tori and Zach — and they couldn’t be more proud of his bravery.

Tori couldn’t help but brag about her and Zach Roloff’s four-year-old son Jackson after he showed how brave he is during his first trip to a skate park.

Jackson Roloff is ‘way cooler’ than parents Zach and Tori

“Our kid is 4 years old and is way cooler than we will ever be,” Tori captioned a post on her Instagram page, along with a series of pics of Jackson riding his scooter.

Jackson has been asking his parents Zach and Tori to take him to a skate park to ride his scooter, and he finally got to experience it … and he blew them away.

“He’s been begging us to take him to the skateboard park by my moms house and we finally went tonight,” Tori captioned her post.

While Jackson practiced riding his scooter with his dad Zach, Tori and Jackson’s little sister, Lilah, watched from the sidelines, although they weren’t exactly welcomed.

“Third time down the massive ramps he full on face planted. I tried to keep my cool because the boys didn’t want us girls there to ’embarrass them ?'” Tori told her followers.

Jackson impressed his parents with his bravery

Even after falling down and getting a bloody lip, Jackson was a champ, as Tori explained. “This kid dusts himself off, bloody lip and all, and says “mom I don’t want to go home!”” Tori added.

Jackson showed off some impressive moves, like leaning to steer and even pulled off a leg lift, mid-scoot. Tori and Zach were impressed with Jackson’s tenacity and Tori doted on their four-year-old son.

“He conquered that skatepark tonight. He rode his scooter around like he owned it,” Tori added. “Zach and I don’t understand where he gets his bravery from. Both of us would have mapped that place out before we stepped foot inside and Jackson doesn’t think twice.”

Tori admitted that although she was impressed with Jackson’s bravery, her motherly instincts pushed her anxiety over the edge. But, she was happy to see Jackson find something that he loves to do.

Jackson Roloff is living his best life

“I love this kid so much and am so proud to be his mom. I gasped like 263819 times and eventually had to sit on the outside of the park to keep cool haha but I loved every minute of it. Watching j find something new that he loves. Also. We’re saving up for a skateboard helmet!! ??” Tori told her fans.

Tori shared some action footage from the skate park in her Instagram Stories, as well. Jackson looked like a pro as he cruised around the skate park.

Although Jackson will eventually require surgery to correct his bowed legs, Tori and Zach’s son Jackson doesn’t let his dwarfism hold him back from living his best life — just like his dad, Zach, his sister, Lilah, and his grandparents Matt and Amy, who are also dwarves, like Jackson.

Jackson has a big role to fulfill in less than two weeks — he’s going to be the ring bearer at his Mimi’s (Amy Roloff) wedding to Chris Marek on August 28 — and he had LPBW fans gushing over how adorable he was practicing for his important part in Amy’s big day.

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus.

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