LPBW: Isabel Roloff sets the record straight after critics assume she and Jacob lied about living on the farm

LPBW star Isabel Roloff
Isabel responded to curious LPBW fans who assumed she and Jacob were living on Roloff Farms. Pic credit: @isabelsofiarock/Instagram

The future of Roloff Farms is uncertain amid the tensions playing out this season on Little People, Big World.

Jacob Roloff’s wife Isabel recently cleared the air about living on the farm after critics accused her and Jacob of lying about it.

Isabel answered some fan questions in a Q&A this week. She told her fans in the question box, “Make an assumption about me + I’ll tell you if it’s true or false.”

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Isabel Roloff sets LPBW viewers straight about her and Jacob living on the farm

One follower wrote in, and their assumption read, “You guys live on the farm.”

Isabel set the record straight, explaining that she and Jacob do not live on the farm, despite many assuming they do. She began her response by telling her followers of the assumption, “False!”

isabel roloff set the record straight on IG about her and jacob living on roloff farms
Pic credit: @isabelsofiarock/Instagram

“But Jacob works there full-time and I like to go on walks there every day,” Isabel added. “We live only about 5 minutes away. It’s so nice for that.”

Isabel continued, “People think for some reason we’re lying about this but if we lived on the farm we’d say we did ??‍♀️ wouldn’t need to be some big secret.”

Matt Roloff recently shared some of Jacob’s work that solved a “huge issue” on the 109-acre farm. His and Amy’s youngest son, Jacob, 25, installed a shallow gutter drain, paving the way for a train track to run over it in the future.

The future of Roloff Farms

As LPBW viewers have watched this season, the future of Roloff Farms is uncertain, especially now that Matt listed 16 acres on the north side of the farm for sale, with a listing price of $4 million. Since listing the property last month, the farm has yet to find a buyer.

Matt is in the process of building his dream home on the farm, a significant change from the double-wide mobile home (or DW as he calls it) he’s been living in since he and his ex-wife Amy split.

Viewers discovered that twin brothers Jeremy and Zach Roloff each tried to negotiate a deal to purchase the north side of the farm, but they fell through both times.

Jeremy’s wife Audrey told her Instagram followers that her and Jeremy’s “death of a dream” occurred when he was led to believe by Matt that he would inherit at least part of the farm someday. Zach disclosed that, for his part, things took a left turn when he and Tori met up with Matt and Caryn to discuss a possible purchase.

Zach has since stated that he regrets airing his family’s dirty laundry on social media after accusing his dad Matt of a “shocking new low of cowardice” last month.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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Vickie A Lindstrom
Vickie A Lindstrom
1 year ago

I think Matt should of left caryn out of the negotiations and may should of had one price for family and another for outsiders. And yes it should of stayed in the family. Matt acts as though he is money hungry. Matt was not for family he is for himself. Greedy