LPBW: Isabel Roloff ‘really proud’ of herself for not giving up on breastfeeding with son Mateo

LPBW's Isabel Roloff
Isabel Roloff shared how she has pushed through the struggles of breastfeeding her son Mateo. Pic credit: Roaming Roloffs/YouTube

Isabel Roloff of Little People, Big World fame shared the struggles of breastfeeding her infant son Mateo and the good that has come from pushing through.

As Monsters & Critics previously reported, Isabel and her husband Jacob Roloff welcomed their first child, son Mateo, in December 2021.

Although Isabel and Jacob have chosen to keep Mateo’s identity private online, they still share tidbits about him on social media.

Recently, Isabel talked about the struggles she and Mateo have faced while learning to nurse and praised other moms who have shared similar experiences.

LPBW’s Isabel Roloff shares breastfeeding journey with her fans

In an Instagram post over the weekend, Isabel shared two pics of herself nursing Mateo. Isabel sat cross-legged on the grass in the first pic while she fed Mateo and shared an up-close selfie in the second pic as Mateo continued to nurse.

Isabel told her fans that Mateo’s severe tongue-tie made it difficult for her to breastfeed and resulted in him losing weight. They’ve since had the tongue tie repaired.

“Nourishing my baby with my body is not something I take lightly or for granted. It’s so special to me,” Isabel captioned her post. “We had a bit of a rough start in the beginning of our breastfeeding journey due to Mateo having a severe tongue tie, which made it hard for him to gain weight in the beginning.”

“Fortunately, we were able to get his tongue tie revised when he was two months old and have seen amazing progress in a month. Now Mateo is growing like a weed and I’m grateful that he is able to breastfeed a lot easier these days (nearly nonstop it feels like ?),” Isabel shared.

Isabel also took a moment to reflect on how incredible her body is to nourish her son and gave a shout-out to other breastfeeding moms but was sure not to be judgmental to moms who can’t or have chosen not to breastfeed their babies.

Isabel is proud of her ‘incredible’ body

“I am also made acutely aware of how bada** and incredible my body is for feeding my babe what he needs,” Isabel added. “I have so much respect for anyone who breastfeeds even for a minute — but ultimately fed is best, mamas, just remember that. We don’t judge anyone’s journey around here. This is hard work!”

Isabel shared that she’s hopeful she and Mateo can continue their nursing journey and let her fans know that she is proud of the steps she’s taken to ensure the best for herself and Mateo.

In her photos, as always, Mateo’s face wasn’t visible. Isabel recently explained to her fans why she and Jacob chose to keep their son shielded from the public eye.

“We knew before we had him that we wanted to protect his privacy online,” Isabel explained. “Ultimately Jacob said from the beginning that we will share very little about our kids and I agreed. So now we are navigating that daily, checking in with each other about comfortability and what we choose to share.”

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus.

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