LPBW fans warn Chris Marek to ‘run’ from ‘bitter’ fiance Amy Roloff

Chris Marek and Amy Roloff of LPBW
Should Chris Marek “run” from fiancee Amy Roloff? Pic credit: TLC

Fans of Little People, Big World are concerned for Chris Marek, and are warning him to “Run!” from his “bitter” fiance, Amy Roloff.

On the season finale of LPBW, viewers watched as Amy and Chris argued — yet again. This time, the couple argued about how much they compromise.

During one of their joint confessionals, Amy told the cameras, “I think we both compromise in certain ways. I think it’s 50/50.”

Chris adamantly disagreed during the awkward segment and told Amy that he compromises “more” than her.

As previously reported by Monsters & Critics, Amy and her daughter-in-law Tori disagreed about how involved Chris should be in wedding planning. Chris offered to do more to prepare for the wedding, but Amy put her foot down and refused.

LPBW fans call Amy Roloff ‘bitter’ and tell Chris Marek to ‘run’

After the finale, LPBW fans took to Twitter to talk about Amy and Chris’s relationship amid their upcoming August 28 wedding.

amy roloff and chris marek of lpbw on tlc's instagram
LPBW fans don’t think Amy and Chris are a good match. Pic credit: @TLC/Instagram

One LPBW fan thought Chris should “run while he can” from Amy’s seemingly controlling ways, and thought that he was chasing Amy’s money.

“Chris, run while you can or have an airtight prenup. She already runs you and it will only get worse. No matter what Matt ever did she shot him down. Now she’s concentrating on you! RUN!!! The money isn’t worth it. Actually, I think YOU COULD DO A SHOW SANS THE DRAGONESS!!” wrote the critic.

Another critic wrote, “Amy Amy Amy. Get over it! I’m hoping TLC is scripting for you to be so bitter. If not, you need to seek therapy for your anger and resentment. Everyone seems to get along fine. You and your ‘friends’ need to learn how to have fun and move along.”

Is Amy Roloff ‘bitter’?

LPBW fans have often thought that Amy has wasted too much time bringing up her past with Matt. Both of the exes have moved on with their respective significant others, but Amy still struggles with overcoming resentment.

In 2019, Amy recorded a Facebook Live video where she insinuated that Matt was involved romantically with Caryn Chandler while he was still married to Amy. The 56-year-old TLC star called out Caryn, without mentioning her name.

“We had someone that worked for us for a very long time, on our farm,” Amy said. “And I believe — this is all from my perspective — that there was more than just friends going on. And I think that evolved to a point where that got in the way of our marriage as well.”

Amy has obviously moved on in some capacity, though, as she’ll be marrying her fiance of two years, Chris Marek, on Roloff Farms in less than two weeks.

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus.