LPBW fans think Tori Roloff has ‘changed’ and needs to take a break from social media

Tori Roloff of LPBW
Tori Roloff’s behavior on social media lately has LPBW fans talking. Pic credit: TLC

Does Tori Roloff need to take a break from social media? Little People, Big World fans are saying she does and they also think Tori has changed.

Tori’s recent behavior on social media has some LPBW fans concerned about the TLC star.

As previously reported by Monsters & Critics, Tori shared a post on Instagram, mocking trolls who sent her DMs that they unfollowed her.

Tori lip-synced to a voiceover recording and displayed a bit of a sassy attitude in the video, surprising some LPBW fans.

LPBW fans think Tori Roloff has changed and needs a break from social media

LPBW fans are talking about a change in Tori’s demeanor, and many of them think she needs to take a break from social media for a while.

One LPBW fan created a Reddit thread titled “What’s happening to Tori?” and opened up the discussion to other fans of the show.

“What is going on with Tori? She’s changing and not for the better, or maybe that’s how she’s always been and it’s all coming out now.”

“Whatever the case may be, in her latest IG she’s mocking her followers who disagree with her in such a way, she makes Audrey look down to earth…and that’s saying something,” the post concluded.

reddit users dicsuss tori roloff of lpbw
Pic credit: u/Daisee8/Reddit

Some LPBW viewers felt that Tori is under a lot of stress, which could certainly account for her change in attitude.

“I mean let’s think here…

-She had the miscarriage, now both of her sister in laws are pregnant, while she isn’t.

-2020/2021 has been hard for all of us.

-Alleged family rift between them and Jer/Aud, and she just had to be around Aud at Amy’s shower, and will have to be more with the wedding stuff.

She likely needs to just take a step back, get some therapy, and just chill with her family… maybe even hang out with her side of the family a little more often,” read one of the comments.

Tori’s miscarriage was an emotional blow

Tori suffered a very public miscarriage in March 2020 and the heartbreaking experience played out on LPBW for the entire world to see. Tori and Zach have since admitted they’re actively trying for a rainbow baby.

Both of Tori and Zach’s sisters-in-law, Audrey and Isabel Roloff, are expecting babies this year. Most LPBW fans assume that it must be hard for Tori to be around Audrey and Isabel while struggling to get pregnant herself.

Tori even skipped out on Audrey’s 30th birthday bash and snubbed Jeremy and Audrey’s third pregnancy announcement.

On top of the pregnancies, reports have surfaced for years that Audrey and Tori stopped speaking after their husbands, twin brothers Jeremy and Zach Roloff, got into a “huge argument.”

Another LPBW fan blamed Tori’s celebrity status for her change in demeanor. They commented, “Living in the public eye is probably difficult. They sign up for it but they are still human and to have everything you do scrutinized is probably frustrating.”

“I’m sure this has always been her attitude, but she normally keeps it in check. I also feel she is struggling and all the social media stuff got overwhelming. She probably needs to take a break,” commented another Reddit user.

Have LPBW fans really noticed a major change in Tori and does she need to take a break from social media?

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus.

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Blenda Vallee
Blenda Vallee
2 years ago

Ugh how nauseating it must be to pretend to care what imperfect people find to pick on next. Put a microscope on anyone’s life and there will be those know it all critical people who will pick you apart. She is perfectly normal. If she has changed that is good because hopefully we all do in every season of our lives. She’s a good person, wife and mother.