LPBW fans slam Jeremy Roloff for not watching his and Audrey’s son during her friends’ night out

LPBW alums Jeremy and Audrey Roloff
Little People, Big World fans bashed Jeremy Roloff for not watching his and Audrey’s infant son Radley while she hung out with friends. Pic credit: TLC

Jeremy Roloff is under fire from Little People, Big World fans who think he should have watched his and Audrey Roloff’s infant son while she spent time with her friends.

Audrey and Jeremy welcomed their third child in November 2021, a son named Radley Knight Roloff, who joined siblings Ember, 4, and Bode, 2.

Since becoming a family of five, Jeremy and Audrey have set out to share once-monthly dates to keep the spark alive in their nearly eight-year-long marriage.

Audrey Roloff totes baby Radley along during a night with friends

Recently, Audrey branched off without Jeremy to join some friends for a night of games, Survivor-style. Audrey and her friends competed in knockoff versions of the reality TV show from a friend’s house.

Throughout the footage that Audrey shared, she had baby Radley strapped to herself in a baby carrier, and her husband Jeremy Roloff was nowhere to be seen.

This didn’t sit well with many LPBW fans, who took to Reddit to express their discontentment with Jeremy for not helping to watch Radley so Audrey could enjoy her time with friends, sans baby.

The Reddit post showed several screenshots from Audrey’s night with friends, and Redditors took to the comments to sound off.

LPBW fans bash Jeremy Roloff for not watching Radley while Audrey spent time with friends

Many LPBW fans questioned why Jeremy didn’t help with Radley and felt that Audrey and Jeremy might soon be headed for Splitsville.

“Yeah… I see one more child and then separation/divorce,” wrote one Redditor who doesn’t have much faith in Audrey and Jeremy’s marriage.

Another wrote, “Why couldn’t Jeremy look after the baby??? and let Audrey have a night to herself, without that baby constantly hanging off her!! I can not believe how selfish one man can be!! ??‍♀️”

lpbw fans sound off on reddit about jeremy not watching radley for audrey
Pic credit: u/Pumpkin-Adept/Reddit

Another LPBW fan pointed out why Audrey might have chosen to bring Radley along, as she’s nursing, and it makes it easier on her.

“If the baby is nursing, it may make sense for her to bring him,” they surmised. “Not everyone pumps and bottles, and the timing may have not worked out to leave him for that stretch.”

redditors commented on jeremy and audrey roloff
Pic credit: u/Pumpkin-Adept/Reddit

In response, another Redditor explained that even while Audrey is nursing, Jeremy could have come along for support in other ways.

“I get that.. I have 6 of my own.. but surely Jeremy could have at least been there or taken the baby for little bit & give her some time on her own with her friends, even just for an hour,” they wrote. “She’s constantly got that baby attached to her.. look at her stories…even when making dough he’s attached to her.. Surely Jeremy can hold or look after the baby at least when she bakes bread ?”

One LPBW viewer went as far as comparing Jeremy to his dad, Matt Roloff, who they accused of shirking his fatherly duties, and also felt Audrey and Jeremy’s marriage is on the rocks.

“Yep!! He definitely learned from the best ~ I’m the head of the household, so I can do whatever dumb stuff I want, when I want. And that includes NOT watching, holding, changing, etc., any of my kids, unless it makes me look good. ~ Matt/Germ ‘cry me a freakin river’ Roloff. They’re both insufferable AF. And, jmo, but I just don’t see them lasting too awfully much longer.??”

redditors commented on jeremy and audrey roloff
Pic credit: u/Pumpkin-Adept/Reddit

LPBW viewers bashing Jeremy comes on the heels of viewers recently doing the same to Audrey. When Audrey and Jeremy’s two-year-old son Bode was seen sporting his sister’s pink ski gear, trolls bashed Audrey’s parenting, calling her “lazy” for allowing him to wear hand-me-downs.

These days, Audrey and Jeremy have plenty to keep them busy, in addition to raising three kids under the age of five.

Audrey and Jeremy recently purchased a cabin in Oregon which Jeremy is in the process of renovating. The couple plans to rent out the cabin to guests and use it as a getaway for their own family.

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus.

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