LPBW fans slam Amy Roloff for her ‘crooked’ wedding project

Amy Roloff of LPBW
LPBW fans slammed Amy Roloff’s work on a wedding project. Pic credit: TLC

Little People, Big World fans have spoken and they aren’t exactly impressed with Amy Roloff’s wood-burning skills.

With less than two weeks until they tie the knot, Amy and Chris have been getting “all hands on deck” to complete their last-minute wedding planning.

Amy recently shared pics from a woodworking project she completed with her fiance, Chris Marek.

Amy and Chris worked on the undisclosed wood project, and Amy told her followers that her job was to brand the wood with their wedding date, August 28.

The date ended up off-center, as Amy admitted to on Instagram, but now fans of LPBW are further dissecting Amy’s handcrafted work.

LPBW fans criticized Amy’s wood burning skills

One LPBW fan created a thread on Reddit and shared a screenshot of Amy’s wood project, showing the heart shape she burned on the wood, along with the letters “C+A” to symbolize her and Chris’s letters of their first names, also including their wedding date, written as “8.28.21.”

The Reddit user asked other LPBW fans, “Is it just me, or does this look like it was made by a third grader? Of course Amy was responsible for burning in the date which is what really messed it up…so FUSTRATING.”

lpbw fans criticized amy roloff's wood burning skills on reddit
LPBW fans threw shade at Amy for her “crooked” wood project. Pic credit: u/Marjie94/Reddit

“Yeah, it’s crooked. They must like how it turned out if they posted a photo of it,” wrote one of Amy’s critics.

Another LPBW fan agreed and mocked Amy’s idea for hand-painted rocks as her and Chris’s wedding favors. They commented, “Yeah…go figure. Probably too busy painting 6,000 rocks to bother correcting this! Lol!”

LPBW fans mocked Amy earlier this year when they discovered what her wedding favors were going to be, and called the hand-painted rocks “tacky.”

amy roloff of lpbw got critiqued for her wedding project on reddit
LPBW fans pointed out the faults in Amy’s work. Pic credit: u/Marjie94/Reddit

One other comment noted that the crooked wood burning may bother Amy’s fiance, Chris, given his deameanor.

“That crooked date has to be driving type A Chris crazy,” the LPBW fan commented.

One LPBW fan had some after-the-fact advice for Amy and wrote, “She should have stenciled it first with a beautiful script, then burned it in.”

amy roloff of lpbw got critiqued for her wedding project on reddit
Amy Roloff’s critics pointed out her mistakes. Pic credit: u/Marjie94/Reddit

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek bicker over wedding planning

On this past season of LPBW, viewers watched as Amy and Chris bickered over just about everything wedding-related. Amy felt as though Chris didn’t need to be as involved as her in the wedding planning process.

Chris wasn’t on board with Amy’s wedding favor idea — hand-painted rocks — and suggested adding another favor. Amy put her foot down and even claimed that she was less picky than Chris when it comes to their wedding favors.

With the countdown officially on, Amy and Chris are likely just as much stressed as they are excited to tie the knot at Roloff Farms on August 28 in front of their friends and family.

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus.

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