LPBW fans say it was hard to watch the way ‘Bridezilla’ Amy Roloff treated her friends in latest video

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek of LPBW
Was Amy Roloff a “Bridezilla” towards her BFFs Lisa and Deb? Pic credit: TLC

Amy Roloff came under fire by Little People, Big World fans who think she treated her friends Lisa and Deb like a “Bridezilla” in a recent video.

Amy shared a video last week of herself and her BFFs Lisa and Deb, spending a girls’ day in Seaside, Oregon.

With less than one week until Amy marries her fiance Chris Marek, Amy has been making the most of her last days as a single woman.

Amy, Lisa, and Deb took a day trip to the beach and the LPBW star shared a video of their excursion on her Instagram page.

LPBW fans call Amy Roloff a ‘Bridezilla’

Some LPBW fans found Amy’s behavior to be “irritable” and less-than-fun and felt that she treated her friends a bit disrespectfully throughout the video.

One fan took to a Reddit thread to discuss Amy’s video and asked other LPBW fans, “Did anyone see Amy’s live on Insta today? I just watched part of it. Deb tells Amy to step back a little and Amy just turns shakes her head no and stares at Deb. She is so irritable. RAWR!”

Amy’s friends tried to be helpful at the beginning of the video (which you can watch below) by helping her adjust her phone to record the Instagram Live. But Amy’s actions made it seem that she was being ungrateful and rude to Lisa and Deb.

Other LPBW fans picked up on Amy’s actions and commented on the Reddit thread.

“Bridezilla,” one LPBW fan simply commented.

Another fan of the show commented after watching the video, “I just went to watch it now on IG. She’s got a thin layer of b***h right under the covers, you could see this throughout many of the seasons. and most people think Matt was the problem ??‍♀️ I think she created many of the issues in that marriage.”

“It didn’t even take her 2 seconds to start acting that way. How awful,” wrote another fan of LPBW.

They added, “I think she fancies herself an actress with how she puts on a peachy attitude when she wants, like to cook. But honestly Lisa and Deb take the awards where that’s concerned.”

lpbw fans discuss amy roloff being a "bridezilla" to her friends on reddit
LPBW fans discussed Amy’s attitude toward her friends in the video. Pic credit: u/Marjie94/Reddit

“And it’s not just TLC editing that makes her look snarky and rude, she does that herself on lives ? They should really get some more friends that respect them more,” the critic wrote of Amy’s attitude.

Lisa and Deb have been by Amy’s side

Lisa and Deb, who have been featured throughout the years on LPBW, recently hosted Amy’s bridal shower, for which Amy said she was “blessed and thankful.”

Amy’s BFFs were also in attendance when she took on the “awfully daunting” task of searching for a wedding dress.

The friend trio came together for margaritas and Mexican food earlier this month when Amy told her followers they had “all hands on deck” to help tie up her last-minute wedding plans.

Although Amy’s attitude might come across to some as rude, it’s also understandable and expected that she’s under a lot of stress with her wedding right around the corner.

Fans of LPBW received the news that Amy and Chris’s wedding will be filmed and aired as a special on TLC in a few months, as Amy recently revealed. So LPBW fans, stay tuned!

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus.

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Marilyn Meyers
Marilyn Meyers
2 years ago

You guys are all crazy. Amy was not being a Bridezilla.