LPBW fans question why Matt Roloff put in so much effort for his ex-wife Amy’s wedding

Amy and Matt Roloff of LPBW
LPBW fans are wondering why Matt Roloff put so much effort into his ex-wife Amy’s upcoming wedding. Pic credit: TLC

Matt Roloff has gone to great measures to accommodate his ex-wife Amy Roloff for her upcoming wedding to Chris Marek and LPBW fans want to know why.

Most people don’t imagine their dream wedding day taking place on their ex’s property where they once lived together, but that is Amy Roloff’s reality.

Amy and Chris will tie the knot this Saturday, August 28 on Roloff Farms after Matt offered it as a wedding venue.

When Amy and Chris had trouble securing a venue due to the pandemic, Matt stepped in and offered the farm.

Initially, Amy was skeptical, but eventually, Chris was able to help Amy see the pros of getting married on the farm.

Matt has been keeping his followers in the loop with the progress on the farm, as he prepares it for Amy’s wedding, and then pumpkin season soon after.

LPBW fans wonder why Matt Roloff spent so much time on ex-wife Amy’s wedding

One LPBW fan took to Reddit to discuss all of the effort that Matt has put in to prepare for Amy’s wedding and fans of the show discussed Matt’s possible intentions.

“Is it weird that Matt is spending so much time and effort to make Amy’s wedding nice? I mean I know he likes a good project,” the thread said on Reddit.

LPBW fans commented on the thread and offered different theories explaining why Matt would be so involved and helpful in Amy’s wedding to Chris.

One LPBW fan thought the reason Amy’s wedding is happening on the farm at all is driven by fame and money. They commented, “Roloff Farms couldn’t pay enough to otherwise get the kind of exposure this ‘event’ could bring to the families/individuals involved!”

“One reason why there haven’t been a whole lot of…… objections?? Winner, winner chicken dinner. CHA CHING!!” they added.

Another fan of the show felt as though there wasn’t anything odd about Matt wanting to accommodate his ex-wife, and he is just being friendly.

“Matt loves his farm and he has no ill will towards Amy at this point because he is happy in his life and has what he wants. Amy is the one holding grudges that she couldn’t run Matt’s life any more, now she has moved on to running Chris,” their comment read.

lpbw fans discussed the lengths matt roloff has gone to accommodate amy roloff
Pic credit: u/Pumpkin-Adept/Reddit

“Part of the show. TLC scripted,” wrote a fan who thought TLC incorporated Amy getting married on the farm as part of a storyline for the show.

Another LPBW fan thought that Matt simply takes pride in the farm and therefore went the extra lengths to make sure everything looked perfect.

“I don’t think so. He takes pride in his farm and as it was hers too at a time I’m sure he wants it stunning,” they wrote.

Having the wedding on the farm and airing a wedding special on TLC — which Amy recently confirmed is happening — would certainly increase Roloff Farms’ exposure, as another LPBW fan noted.

“No I think he also wants to show it so people will book it.”

lpbw fans discussed the lengths matt roloff has gone to accommodate amy roloff
Pic credit: u/Pumpkin-Adept/Reddit

“He’s not doing it himself. His farm hands I’m sure are handling it as they would a regular wedding,” wrote another commenter.

In her autobiography, Amy alluded to the fact that Matt had an affair (at least emotionally) with his girlfriend Caryn Chandler while he was still married to Amy.

With that in mind, another LPBW fan thought it had something to do with Matt going out of his way to make Amy’s wedding day just how she wanted it.

“I also think its kind of a way for him to “make up” for the affair. Giving her a dream wedding as almost like an [I’m] sorry?” commented the fan.

Matt has made Amy’s wedding ‘first priority’ on Roloff Farms

Aside from offering the farm to Amy and Chris as their venue, Matt has worked with Amy to choose which flowers to grow and has also constructed a barn for the couple to use on their big day.

Matt’s fans initially got upset that he was starting a construction project so close to Amy’s wedding date, but he later clarified that the building is actually to be used by his ex-wife and her husband-to-be.

Time is of the essence now, with only four days until Amy and Chris tie the knot. Matt faced a major time crunch on the roof of the barn, but he’s confident his crews can finish the project before this Saturday, and they’re “racing at full speed” to get it done.

Matt’s busiest time of year is just around the corner with pumpkin season approaching, but he made a commitment to his ex-wife for her wedding day and told his followers that Amy’s wedding plans are “first priority” on Roloff Farms.

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus.

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