LPBW fans had secondhand embarrassment during this scene from last week’s episode

Zach Roloff of LPBW
Zach’s scene with Jackson and Lilah ordering food from Sonic had LPBW viewers expressing secondhand embarrassment. Pic credit: TLC

Little People, Big World viewers are cringing after watching a scene in last week’s episode involving Zach Roloff and two of his kids.

During the July 5 episode of LPBW, titled Break In The Matrix, Zach took Jackson and Lilah out for a day at the playground while he left Tori home to rest, as she was heavily pregnant with their son, Josiah.

Zach Roloff shamelessly plugs Sonic during most recent episode of LPBW

As Zach and the kids prepared to pack up and leave the playground, he suggested they order food from Sonic then meet up at his mom Amy Roloff’s house to enjoy lunch with the kids.

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Zach called Amy and they talked on speakerphone during the scene.

Zach was sure to plug the drive-in restaurant chain Sonic when he told Amy where they were ordering food.

After watching the episode, LPBW viewers felt the Sonic plug was a bit over the top and felt secondhand embarrassment for Zach and Amy.

LPBW viewers express secondhand embarrassment over Zach and Amy’s plug

One viewer took to Reddit where they created a post they called “The Sonic endorsement” and expressed, “The blatant sponsorship for Sonic when [Zach] was on the phone with Amy in the latest episode was so hilarious. They really take what they can get!”

Other LPBW viewers chimed in, taking to the comments to share their opinions on LPBW plugging Sonic during an episode.

“Shameless, gross, and desperate! Amy and Matt must be so proud!” voiced one LPBW viewer who didn’t mince words.

lpbw viewers took to reddit to discuss zach roloff ordering sonic as a plug on the show
Pic credit: r/LittlePeopleBigWorld/Reddit

Another penned, “The blatant acting when things are sponsored will never not be funny ahahhha.”

One LPBW viewer didn’t take issue with the sponsorship itself, but rather the bad “acting” by Zach and Amy during the scene: “They can take all the sponsorships in the world. It’s the bad acting and making it seem like it was an authentic interaction that was cringe for me.”

Replying to their comment, another Redditor said, “That’s the thing…they are not actors. They are on a reality show.”

This season on LPBW, the 23rd for the long-running series, has shown the more serious storylines happening within the Roloff family. After Amy moved out of the farmhouse on the north side of the farm, negotiations fell through between Zach and his dad Matt to purchase it. Things came to a head off screen when Matt and Zach aired some of their dirty laundry and exchanged jabs on social media, something that Zach later admitted he regrets.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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Lynne Kokoo
Lynne Kokoo
1 year ago


1 year ago

Money has to come from some where ?‍♀️ Just enjoy the show quit biotching! Too many Karen’s in the world ??

1 year ago

All the drama with the farm and not being available to the kids. If Amy was so concerned with the kids being able to live on the farm and maintaining their legacy, why didn’t she buy Matt out.

heather tucker
heather tucker
1 year ago

sonic is amazing so shut the hell up you idiotic gen y dumbasses

1 year ago

Jealous much? I say go for it! I would plug Sonic all day long!