LPBW: Amy Roloff’s husband Chris Marek makes her blush with a sexual innuendo during live video

LPBW couple Amy Roloff and Chris Marek
Chris Marek made a sexual joke during a live video Amy Roloff was recording with her BFFs. Pic credit: TLC

Little People, Big World matriarch Amy Roloff’s husband, Chris Marek, made a sexually-charged innuendo during a live video that had her blushing.

During a recent St. Patrick’s Day video, Amy was joined by her BFFs, Lisa and Deb, donning their green attire and some matching accessories.

Amy’s husband, Chris, could be seen in the background, preparing drinks for the ladies while they chatted with each other and Amy’s followers.

Amy Roloff’s husband Chris Marek makes sexual innuendo during live video

Several minutes into the video, Chris began putting whipped cream on the drinks he was making, and the noise caught the ladies’ attention.

“Chris is making some noise back there. What is that?” Lisa asked over the sound of whipped cream being dispensed from a canister.

“That’s the sound of good stuff,” Chris told Lisa, Deb, and Amy before heading towards the garage. “Sometimes hear this on a late Friday night,” he added as he left the room.

“Are you talking about snoring or something else?” Amy innocently asked.

“No, he’s talking about whipped cream,” Lisa told her friend, making Amy blush.

Lisa told him, “Okay, Chris, you have to behave on this show, just so you know.”

“Oh, is this PG?” Chris joked before joining the ladies for a toast with their coffee mugs.

Amy and Chris’ life since Little People, Big World Season 22

Amy and Chris shared their nuptials with Little People, Big World fans last season on the show. The newlyweds have been married for seven months now and seem to be settling into their new roles as husband and wife.

The couple headed to Hawaii for their honeymoon, where they met up with Lisa and her husband during their stay in November.

Some LPBW viewers were leery about Amy and Chris’ relationship working out because of their differences. Chris wanted Amy to be more organized around the house and carve out more space for him before he agreed to move in with her.

During their wedding planning, the duo had a few squabbles due to the stress but were always able to work through and overcome them.

These days, Amy is preparing to welcome her seventh grandchild into the Roloff family. Amy and her ex-husband Matt already share six biological grandchildren: Jackson, Ember, Lilah, Bode, Radley, and Mateo Roloff.

In the coming months, Amy and Matt’s son Zach and his wife Tori are expected to welcome their third child and the seventh Roloff cousin/grandchild.

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus.

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