LPBW: Amy Roloff says it’s ‘all hands on deck’ with two weeks left for last-minute wedding planning

Amy Roloff and friends Lisa and Deb of LPBW
Amy Roloff had the help of her BFFs Lisa and Deb to tackle some last-minute wedding planning. Pic credit: TLC

With only two weeks until her wedding to Chris Marek, Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff enlisted the help of her BFFs, Lisa and Deb, to get “all hands on deck” for some last-minute planning.

Amy and Chris are scheduled to tie the knot on August 28 on Roloff Farms, which was their “Plan B” for a venue.

LPBW viewers watched this season as Amy and Chris struggled to come together when it came to wedding planning.

Amy and Chris disagreed and argued quite a bit this season, between Amy clearing out space for Chris to move in, and Chris wanting to be more involved in the wedding planning process.

Amy put her foot down and was adamant about how involved Chris should be. She took the reins and insisted that they give their wedding guests hand-painted rocks as favors, despite Chris’s hesitance.

The 56-year-old bride-to-be took to her Instagram account to share a video post, showing herself and her BFFs Lisa and Deb getting some last-minute wedding planning done while enjoying some chips and margaritas.

Amy Roloff says it’s ‘all hands on deck!’

“Wedding planning in session! With just two weeks left, it’s all hands on deck! Me, @lisardixon13 , and @pdx1dls decided a little wedding planning over chips and margaritas was the perfect course of action!” Amy captioned her post.

She added, “Earlier, we took a tour of the farm where Chris joined us and we worked through some of our final plans. I can’t wait till the big day!!”

In the video, Amy was joined by Lisa and Deb as they sat inside a Mexican restaurant. Amy told her followers, “Okay, it’s pretty loud in here but we’re having a little … oh, wait, there’s our cocktails … we’re having a little cocktail.”

She continued, “Uh, we just, uh, took a tour again of the farm where the wedding’s gonna take place. Had a great day. Chris was here … was there. He’s working on projects. Those are … frankly, those are turning out to be pretty good.”

“But I do have a few ideas and he’s taking me up on it, so that’s pretty cool. So anyway, two weeks away. I think we’re gonna do it. So, anyway, cheers!” Amy concluded as she and her girlfriends held up their glasses to toast each other.

Will Chris and Amy make it to the altar without a hitch?

LPBW fans seem to be split when it comes to Amy and Chris’s relationship. Some fans are supportive and happy that Amy has found love again in Chris after her divorce from Matt after 30 years of marriage.

Other LPBW fans, however, feel that Amy and Chris aren’t a good match, and have even urged Chris to “run” from Amy before they hit the altar. Amy’s critics think she needs to get over her resentment towards Matt and stop being so “bitter” and domineering towards Chris.

One relationship that has LPBW fans rooting for them is between Chris and Amy’s ex-husband, Matt. The two have entered into a bromance that Amy isn’t exactly fond of.

Amy celebrated with a wedding shower earlier this month and her daughters-in-law Audrey, Tori and Isabel were all in attendance. Amy revealed earlier this year that her eldest granddaughter, Ember Jean, will be a flower girl in the ceremony.

In this season of LPBW, viewers learned that Amy’s eldest grandson, Jackson, will be the ring bearer (or “ring bear” as Jackson called it). He adorably practiced his role on a recent episode and LPBW fans gushed over the preschooler.

Amy and Chris decided to keep things as stress-free as possible by not inviting Amy’s ex Matt and his girlfriend Caryn.

LPBW fans are hoping that Amy and Chris’s nuptials will be filmed for a future episode of the show and they just may be in luck — Zach and Tori Roloff hinted that the wedding will be filmed, so LPBW fans, stay tuned!

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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