LPBW: Amy Roloff introduces the newest member of her family

Amy Roloff debuted her newest family member on IG
Amy and her husband Chris welcomed a new addition to their family recently. Pic credit: @amyjroloff/Instagram

Little People, Big World couple Amy Roloff and her husband Chris Marek have welcomed a new addition to their family.

Amy has always been a dog lover. LPBW viewers will likely remember her trusty dog, Felix, who quickly became her constant companion.

Sadly, Felix passed away just two days before her wedding in August 2021.

But now, Amy has added a new furry friend to her family – a rescue dog named Daisy May.

Amy took to her Instagram Stories over the weekend to make the announcement with some adorable photos of herself, Chris, and Daisy.

In the first pic, Amy introduced her new pup as she and Chris posed from inside an Oregon rescue shelter. Amy and Chris posed on a couch with Daisy between them.

LPBW star Amy Roloff introduces new addition to her and Chris Marek’s family

“The new addition to our family – my new rescue dog Daisy (May),” Amy captioned the sweet pic, adding some of her favorite flowers, daisies, in the form of gifs at the top of the photo.

In another slide, Amy and Daisy posed on Roloff Farms over the weekend for a fun day during pumpkin season. For the photo, Amy knelt down on the ground, holding Daisy in her arms, and captioned the pic, “Daisy is part of our family.”

In another adorable photo, Daisy posed again at Roloff Farms amid some bales of hay. “Daisy at the pumpkin patch,” the caption for the pic read.

amy roloff introduces her dog daisy may to her fans in her IG Stories
Pic credit: @amyjroloff/Instagram

Amy is still part of pumpkin season on Roloff Farms

Amy has been spending a lot of time on her old stomping grounds as she is helping out during pumpkin season on the farm again this year, despite moving out of the farmhouse.

Amy has become known as the face of pumpkin season and dresses up in a variety of costumes every weekend to greet the thousands of visitors who make the trek to Hillsboro, Oregon every October.

Amy and Chris teamed up with her ex-husband, Matt Roloff, and his girlfriend Caryn Chandler for pumpkin season’s opening weekend at the farm.

With all that goes on during pumpkin season, Matt can use all the help he can get in the form of employees. In years past, multiple family members have taken turns helping out for the popular event.

Amy and Matt’s son Zach Roloff once served as the wagon tour guide, but since negotiations to purchase the north side fell through, he and his family have relocated to Battle Ground, Washington. Last season, LPBW viewers watched as Amy’s husband Chris practiced to take over Zach’s duties as the wagon tour guide.

Zach’s twin brother Jeremy Roloff has also stepped away from pumpkin season duties, as has their sister Molly. The youngest Roloff sibling, Jacob, along with his wife Isabel, have been helping Matt this season with multiple tasks on the farm.

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus.

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1 year ago

I started watch9ing the show this Oct. because I am a Christian and I found that the show might be safe to watch. I started hearing cursing from Amy and from the kids, not Molly. I then learned of Matt’s affair with Caryn and seeing the way that Amy kept house was appalling, I kept wondering how she could show her face on camera with her home in such filth, the kids did not have sheets on their beds! The more I watched the more discouraged I became. Amy was always so critical of her husband and always complaining and negative. I could see that Matt was not the head of that house as he should have been. I feel the whole family needs Jesus. I pray they find Him.