LPBW alum Jacob Roloff explains not pressing charges against producer he claims molested him

LPBW alum Jacob Roloff
Jacob Roloff explained to his fans why he chose not to pursue pressing charges against the TLC producer he claims molested him. Pic credit: TLC

Despite accusing an executive producer on the show of molesting him, Little People, Big World alum Jacob Roloff did not press charges — and has now explained why.

Jacob appeared alongside his family on LPBW for a decade before deciding to walk away from the show in 2016.

The youngest of the Roloff children, he was just nine years old when the show debuted in 2006.

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As Monsters & Critics previously reported, Jacob accused former LPBW executive producer Chris Cardamone of abuse.

In an Instagram post in December 2020, he claimed that he was molested during his time on the show.

“As a child, after what I realize now was a long grooming process, I was molested by an executive field producer for ‘Little People Big World,’ Chris Cardamone,” Jacob wrote to his followers at the time.

LPBW alum Jacob Roloff explains why he didn’t pursue legal action against his alleged abuser

Jacob has now given an explanation as to why he hasn’t pressed charges against Cardamone.

Answering questions from fans in his Instagram Stories, he responded to a follower who inquired about pressing charges.

Jacob shared a screenshot of his comment from a social media post, explaining the same thing to another fan.

The original commenter told Jacob they were curious about what “really happened,” since Jacob was only between the ages of 10-13 at the time Cardamone was a producer and Jacob was appearing on LPBW.

Since Jacob was open about his abuser’s identity, his fan also wondered why he wouldn’t attempt to have Cardamone legally reprimanded.

jacob roloff explains why he didn't press charges against his abuser on IG stories
Pic credit: @jacobroloff45/Instagram

Jacob Roloff cites ‘joke of a legal system’ for not filing charges

Jacob explained in his reply, “Unfortunately and I think this is important for others to know too, it is extremely difficult to pursue any legal action because of a system built to make it that way.

“He won’t receive any repercussions except for perhaps socially from my post. A cruel world and a joke of a legal system! Just emphasizes that we should, in general, believe victims.

“If they cannot find closure through legal action (the most common outcome) they should at least be able to find support and validation in the people around them!”

Jacob previously said he is not a fan of reality TV after his own personal experience and has told how he believes that “everyone on reality TV will need therapy.”

Some LPBW viewers were left wondering why the rest of the family continued to film after Jacob’s accusations came to light, and some have even bashed Jacob’s dad Matt for what they claimed was “minimizing” Jacob’s claims.

Although Jacob claims he suffered out of the public eye for years before coming forward with his allegations, he says that talking openly about them has been somewhat healing for him.

The new dad recently told his fans that sharing his abuse story has helped him feel “free of a useless burden.”

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus.

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