Love & Marriage: Huntsville: Could Martell Holt’s mistress appear on the show next season?

Could Martell Holt's mistress make an appearance on Love & Marriage:Huntsville?
Will Martell Holt’s mistress appear on the show? Pic credit: OWN/@UNWINEWITHTASHAK/Youtube

We’ve been hearing about Martell Holt’s mistress, Arionne Curry, for a few seasons now, but will she appear on Love & Marriage: Huntsville next season? Show producer Carlos King opened up about the possibility of Martell’s baby mama making her debut now that his marriage to Melody Holt is officially over.

Martell has yet to post the woman on his social media page, but her identity is not a mystery anymore. It’s unclear if the two are now together after he cheated on Melody with Arionne and recently fathered a child with her.

Now that everything is out in the open and Melody and Martell are divorced, and people are wondering if he will bring his new baby mama on LAMH.

Could Martell Holt’s mistress appear on the show?

Producer Carlos King had quite a bit to say in a recent interview about the possibility of Martell Holt’s mistress appearing on Love & Marriage: Huntsville. While the idea of bringing Arionne on the show sounds salacious and is sure to be drama-filled, Carlos made it known that it’s much deeper than that.

The former Real Housewives of Atlanta producer who is now running LAMH over on the OWN network shared that if Arionne were to appear on the show, it would have to be a conversation with the other cast members first.

“I follow the reality, I follow what my cast members are willing to give. I’m not the type of producer who goes behind my cast members back and reveals somebody that they had no idea was going to appear,” said Carlos.

He continued, “I don’t operate that way –no shade to those who do–that’s just not my blueprint. So my answer that that is it would have to be something that the collective would want to do and then there’s a conversation.”

Martell Holt shows off son he shares with his mistress

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see if Martell Holt’s mistress will make an appearance on Love & Marriage: Huntsville to tell her side of the story. However, we won’t have to wait to see the baby boy that made Martell a dad of five.

The newly divorced OWN TV network star had four kids with his now ex-wife Melody Holt before their marriage imploded. And while he tried to keep his youngest child, Maverik, a secret for a while, he finally showed off the adorable tot on social media last month.

Martell posted a tribute to Maverick on his first birthday and wrote, “One of the greatest gifts I’ve been blessed with is being a father. I want to wish a Happy 1st birthday to my son, Maverick”

“Wishing you all the love! Lots of big birthday love from dad!” he added.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville is currently on hiatus on OWN.

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