Love Island USA’s Shannon St. Clair posts bikini pic after leaving The Challenge

Josh and Shannon from Love Island USA
Josh and Shannon from Love Island USA. Pic credit: Team Jannon/YouTube

Shannon St. Clair was one of the most popular Love Island USA Season 3 cast members.

This was only heightened by the fact that she left the show early when her partner, Josh Goldstein’s sister died.

She left to be with Josh, giving up a chance at winning the prize money, and they are the only couple still together today.

Shannon then followed it up with a shot on the CBS version of The Challenge. Now that she has finished up there, she is back on social media with another bikini pic.

Shannon St. Clair posts new bikini pic

Shannon St. Clair went MIA for a time on social media.

For fans who don’t pay attention to her outside of social media, this was concerning. Her last public post on her wall came on March 7 and then she was gone.

Many people worried, some wondering if something had happened to her and others wondering if this meant she and Josh had broken up.

Those people didn’t know that Shannon and Josh had signed up for another reality show and Shannon actually made it onto the show.

The good news is that she is back, and the fans who were worried can now breathe a sigh of relief.

She posted new bikini pics this week with the caption, “Hey… how y’all doing.”

The first had her standing up with the red bikini top and a black short skirt. The second had her lying down with the bikini on by a pool. The third was fun with her sticking her tongue out at the camera.

Shannon St. Clair competed on The Challenge

For Love Island USA fans who don’t pay attention to Shannon outside of her social media posts, she signed up with Josh to appear on the new CBS version of The Challenge.

This is a version of the show that started on MTV with Real World and Road Rules reality TV stars competing in rigorous activities for prizes.

They weren’t alone when it comes to Love Island USA either.

Fan-favorites Javonny Vega, Cinco Holland, and Cashay Proudfoot from Season 3 all competed as well. Also competing were Season 2’s Cely Vazquez and Justine Ndiba and Season 1’s Kyra Green.

However, while he seemed a perfect fit, Josh ended up not making it onto the show and was only a reserve. Shannon was also listed as a reserve, but she made the cut.

Love Island USA will return later this summer with a new home on Peacock streaming.

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11 months ago

Can you please stop posting spoilers in the title?? It hasn’t even aired yet ffs

10 months ago

Are Will and Kyra together??