Love Island USA’s move to Peacock should make it more like UK version

Love Island USA Season 3 girls
Love Island USA Season 3 girls. Pic credit: CBS

The decision of Love Island USA to leave CBS and head to a streaming service in Peacock was met with disappointment from many fans.

CBS is a free network for people with an antenna and it is available on basic cable subscriptions. It is also available on several basic streaming packages from Sling, YouTube TV, and more.

However, if anyone wants to watch Love Island USA Season 4, they will have to subscribe to Peacock now.

That might not be a bad thing for people who really love Love Island, though.

Love Island USA can be sexier than ever on Peacock

While the first three seasons of Love Island USA were popular, it never once reached the overwhelming popularity of its UK sister, Love Island.

There was always one thing holding Love Island USA back.

The U.S. version wasn’t anywhere near as sexy as the U.K. version, and the reason was because of the network standards & practices in the United States, shutting down a lot of the sexier and more risque games on the show.

With the move to Peacock, that shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

When NBC picked up Love Island USA for both Season 4 and Season 5 – a total of 80 episodes – they chose not to go with network television.

While this would have made it free to watch for most people, as it was on CBS, it would have faced the same network censors.

Last season, the sexiest games and moments were saved for the Paramount+ specials. While a lot of fans hated that they had to pay for Paramount+ to see these moments, there was no other choice based on the network guidelines.

Now, everything will be on a streaming service in Peacock, which means the actual episodes will be able to play out with the previously removed moments as part of the main show.

Love Island airs in the U.K. and they don’t face the same restrictions that Love Island USA did on CBS.

Now, fans who love the naughty games on Love Island will get a chance to see them on Love Island USA.

Love Island USA will also now feature ‘real time’ episodes

There is another huge bonus to Love Island USA on Peacock.

There will be multiple episodes airing weekly in “real-time.” This means no more editing around things, and fans will get to see conversations, games, and more as they really happen, without creative editing to make artificial villains.

Peacock also promised both “naughtier” and “steamier” challenges for fans.

The best news is that Peacock only costs $4.95 a month, so the most a fan will likely pay is $9 if Love Island USA lasts two months like it did in 2021.

For reality TV fans, Peacock also includes seasons of America’s Got Talent, Ninja Warrior, Baking It, Deal or No Deal, Hell’s Kitchen, Iron Chef, Project Runway, The Voice, and much more.

Love Island USA Season 4 will premiere in the summer of 2021 on Peacock.

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