Love Island USA’s Korey Gandy claps back at fans who call him immature

Korey Gandy from Love Island USA
Korey Gandy from Love Island USA. Pic credit: @korey_gandy/Instagram

Korey Gandy became a quick fan favorite on Love Island USA, thanks to his infectious personality and his big smile.

At the same time, many fans saw an immaturity in Korey, especially when understanding how to deal with his relationships, letting people like Jeremy Hershberg walk over him and pushing some girls away as they saw him as just a friend.

However, Korey’s joyful personality helped him gain a lot of fans and pushed him to victory with Olivia Kaiser, who he coupled with at the end.

Now that everyone has gone home and moved on with their lives, people are still seeing what they consider immaturity in Korey, 28, and he is addressing the criticism.

Korey Gandy on why he acted ‘childish’ on Love Island USA

While Korey Gandy was on Love Island USA, he was one of the most excitable people on the show. He jumped around and yelled, he always seemed to smile, and he let all the things life threw at him bounce off without concern.

This is why many fans considered him “childish.”

Many fans even wondered if Korey was even looking for love or if he was there just to have a good time.

Korey said that if anyone wonders why he acts “childish,” it is because of his grandfather.

“People always ask why I act so crazy and ‘childish’ all the time. So here it is… when I was like 10 years old I asked my grandpa what’s one thing he wish he could of changed when he was younger,” Gandy wrote. “He said, ‘I wish I would have smiled more’… since that day I’ve just been a wild one enjoying life”

Korey and Olivia won Love Island USA

Korey Gandy was a massive fan favorite toward the end of Love Island USA Season 3.

Even though many fans had tired of Olivia Kaiser, who didn’t seem to want to find anyone on the show, when she hooked up with Korey, it made him happy and it made his fans happy.

The two won and took home $100,000, which they split between the two.

Since that time, Korey Gandy moved to Arizona, where Olivia lives, to be closer to her and they have continued to work on their relationship since the show ended.

Love Island USA is on hiatus. Fans can relive Season 3 right now on Paramount+ streaming.

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