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Love Island USA’s Jeremy Hershberg teases nude photoshoot with Barstool Sports

Jeremy Hershberg on Love Island USA
Jeremy Hershberg on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Jeremy Hershberg became one of the main villains on Love Island USA’s third season.

At first, it seemed he stayed in the villa when other more deserving islanders had to go home. This was especially true when Javonny Vega left the villa and Jeremy stuck around.

He also bounced between different women, breaking a couple of hearts (Trina and Aimee) and getting in fan-favorite Korey Gandy’s way when he was trying to find love.

However, many people said that Jeremy was really funny and the show was painting him in a negative light. He ended up hooking up with Bailey Marshall and made it to the finals.

However, once leaving, he dumped Bailey, hooked up with Florita Diaz, ended that, and it turned out his portrayal on the show was pretty accurate when it came to relationships.

Despite that, he still has fans, and it looks like he will be in a photoshoot that many of his fans might be interested in.

Jeremy Hershberg teases nude photoshoot for Barstool Sports

Barstool Sports posted a photo of three reporters with Jeremy Hershberg.

Jeremy was in a shower stall with nothing on but a black bar covering his crotch. They asked people to caption the photo.

He posted a comment on the post, writing, “Barstool cares about health and safety so much during Covid that they made me shower the whole time during my interview so I’d stay clean.”

Jeremy IG 1
Pic credit: @vivalastool/Instagram

Jeremy is a model in real life

Many of the people who appeared on Love Island USA are models in real life.

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Jeremy joins names like fellow finalist Will Moncada as someone whose main job is as a model.

It looks like this might mean that Jeremy is making some big moves in his modeling career after his Love Island USA journey ended with him finishing in third place.

If this is for a photoshoot – one where Jeremy Hershberg is nude – fans will have to wait and see.

For now, Love Island USA fans can continue to follow Jeremy on social media, where it sounds like he might have already moved on to another possible relationship.

Jeremy and Leslie Golden took some photos together recently, and while Leslie said she was making fun of her recent ex-boyfriend Bennett Sipes, there are now rumors that Jeremy and Leslie might be hooking up.

If it is anything like Jeremy’s last few relationships, don’t blink because it could end before you know it.

Love Island USA is on hiatus. The show is casting for its fourth season right now, so it should return to CBS in the summer of 2022.

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