Love Island USA’s Cashay and Trina are feuding once again

Trina and Cashay on Love Island USA
Trina and Cashay on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

On Love Island USA Season 3, Cashay Proudfoot and Trina Njoroge are two of the primary Islanders when it came to drama.

They were involved in a love triangle with Cinco Holland. This caused many fans to take sides.

Cinco hooked up with Cashay first, while Trina hooked up with Jeremy Hershberg. When Cinco decided Cashay wasn’t as serious as he was, he moved on to Trina.

However, after being with Trina for quite some time, Cinco said he was thinking he shouldn’t have left Cashay. This caused serious drama, and while fans made Cinco and Trina the bad guys, she remained friends with Cashay, even when, one by one, all three of them were kicked out of the villa.

That has not changed.

Trina and Cashay are feuding after Love Island USA

When Cinco left Love Island USA, Cashay and Trina revealed they blamed him and not each other for the problems. When Cashay left, she said that she and Trina were friends and not to treat Trina badly when she left.

Trina agreed after leaving that they were friends and they moved on.

However, in June, both unfollowed each other on social media. Fans wondered what happened, and it seems to have all been because of an Instagram account.

On June 13, Trina took to Twitter and posted the following tweet.

“I’m truly disturbed at the messages you sent on your burner account to Leslie, Cinco, and I,” Trina wrote. “You responded to Roxy with the same burner account that messaged us and then deleted both her comment on your post and this DM after our “conversation”.”

Trina went on to say that she communicated with the “burner account” and then DM’d Cashay through her own account, and then blocked her.

Cashay then responded.

She posted the “burner account” talking to her in DM’s, showing that the account couldn’t have been her since she was communicating with the person as well.

Both unfollowed each other, but just as it was when they were on the show, an army of fans took each woman’s side, refusing to believe any part of the other’s story.

Cashay even said that the owner of the account came forward and cleared Cashay’s name, but the feud roared on regardless.

Cashay Twitter
Pic credit: @cashayproudfoot/Twitter

Cashay and Trina are about to join new reality shows

With the feud between Cashay and Trina renewed, and both throwing mud, it is important to also realize there are new reality shows coming up.

Cashay Proudfoot is taking part in The Challenge: USA, which was already filmed but has yet to air. She was one of several Love Island USA cast members who took part.

Trina Njoroge is taking part in All-Star Shore on Paramount+.

With the two women openly feuding right before their respective new reality shows start, it is hard to believe what is real and what is hype.

Love Island USA will return to its new home on Peacock on Tuesday, July 19.

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