Love Island USA’s Alana Paolucci explains split from Charlie Lynch

Alana and Charlie on Love Island USA
Alana and Charlie on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

There were four couples in the finals on Love Island USA Season 3 with one taking home the $100,000 prize.

The least likely couple to make it to the final four was that of Alana Paolucci and Charlie Lynch.

This was strange since Charlie became an immediate villain when he broke Cashay Proudfoot’s heart and sent her home early.

However, Alana’s likeability kept them going to the finals.

However, they finished in fourth place and were the first couple to break up after the show ended.

Here is how Alana said it went down.

Love Island USA’s Alana explains Charlie breakup

Alana Paolucci believed she and Charlie Lynch could have a relationship once Love Island USA ended.

It would have started off as a long-distance relationship, but that has worked for other couples, including Cashay and Cinco Holland.

However, for Alana, Charlie left her just like he left Cashay on the show.

It all started when they were doing interviews after the show and Charlie said he wasn’t sure he made the right decision to leave Cashay on the show.

That was the wrong thing to say, because it made Alana feel like an afterthought.

However, Alana said there was more to the breakup than that.

Outside of Charlie’s non-stop partying, Alana blamed it on the pressure.

In an Instagram Stories Q&A, someone asked Alana, “What happened with Charlie?”

Alana answered, “It just didn’t work out. It was too messy. Um and there was too much pressure.”

Alana IG
Pic credit: @alanapaolucci/Instagram

The pressure after Love Island USA

Outside of the fact that Charlie was already looking back at Cashay and was partying with too many women, the pressure after appearing on a show like Love Island USA is real.

No one asks Josh Goldstein and Shannon St. Clair if they are still together because they are very open on social media about their lives.

Cinco and Cashay are a little more quiet, but they let fans know what is up most of the time.

However, for people who like their privacy, it is a hard thing to take when people are constantly pushing them on social media, wanting to know more about their private lives.

The winners, Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy, broke up, and it was very messy on social media and everyone wanted to know the juicy details.

The same thing happened with runners-up Kyra Lizama and Will Moncada.

For Alana, it seemed she had enough and moved on to a better life without Charlie, without the pressure from fans on social media, and without the mess that comes from appearing on a show like Love Island USA.

Love Island USA is on hiatus. The fourth season is currently casting and should return in the summer of 2022 to CBS.

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