Love Island USA winner reveals they contracted COVID-19

Justine and Caleb from Love Island USA
Justine and Caleb from Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

The world of entertainment and sports has been shaken up by the COVID-19 pandemic again, with cases surging.

This week, it hit a fan-favorite from the world of Love Island USA. She came forward to let fans know that she contracted COVID-19 and update everyone on how she is doing.

Love Island USA’s Justine Ndiba reveals she has COVID-19

Justine Ndiba, who won Love Island USA Season 2, has let her fans know she contracted COVID-19.

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Justine came onto the show’s second season as a 27-year-old billing coordinator and a go-go dancer from New Jersey.

She went on to win the show with Caleb Corprew, a 24-year-old from Oklahoma City.

The two seemed like a perfect match leaving the villa, but they ended up breaking up just a few short months after Love Island USA Season 2 ended.

Now, Justine is letting her fans know that she has COVID-19.

When a fan asked how she was dealing with her recovery, Justine posted that she was getting a lot of sleep.

Justine IG 2
Pic credit: @justinejoy312/Instagram

She also recommended to drink tea and juices, which she said has been her “saving grace” during this time.

Justine IG 1
Pic credit: @justinejoy312/Instagram

The good news is that Justine is both vaccinated and has gotten the booster, so the effects of COVID-19 are nowhere near as severe as they could have been.

Justine IG 4
Pic credit: @justinejoy312/Instagram

Finally, Justine asked for any Netflix recommendations for people like her who are stuck in bed suffering.

Justine IG 3
Pic credit: @justinejoy312/Instagram

Who is Justine Ndiba from Love Island USA?

Justine Ndiba was not only the winner from Love Island USA Season 2, but she was one of the most popular cast members coming from the show.

During her first week in the villa, Justine coupled up with Jeremiah White. They ended up as friends, so she re-coupled with Tre Forte. This was also a bad matchup.

However, when Caleb showed up in the villa, they found chemistry and hooked up and stayed with each other until the end.

Despite breaking up with Caleb shortly after leaving Love Island USA, Justine has remained a fan favorite. She has over 423,000 followers on Instagram and keeps constant contact with her fans there.

Love Island USA is on hiatus, and the show is currently casting for Season 4 and should return in the summer of 2022.

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