Love Island USA viewers react to ‘rude gaslighter’ Aaron Evans’ ultimatum to Kaylor Martin

Aaron Evans on Love Island USA.
Aaron Evans is in hot water on Love Island USA. Pic credit: Peacock

Aaron Evans and Kaylor Martin’s relationship throughout Love Island USA Season 6 has featured more downs than ups.

Despite emerging as one of the strongest couples in the first few episodes, their relationship has been questioned over the last week.

The sticking point is Aaron’s actions during the Casa Amor twist.

Despite choosing to be single upon Aaron’s return, Kaylor has slowly been getting closer to him, which has elicited many different reactions from Love Island USA viewers.

The big problem is that Aaron is telling Kaylor about the events of Casa Amor on a need-to-know basis.

Instead of being straight-up about what happened, he’s been feeding her tidbits of information, which can lead to confusion when new details are revealed.

Aaron Evans has been ruffling a lot of feathers

Tuesday’s emotional installment ended with Aaron giving Kaylor an ultimatum about their relationship, and it didn’t sit well with the reality hit’s passionate fanbase.

Love Island USA fans hit out.
There is plenty of drama about Love Island USA. Pic credit: @Leehansonwrites/X

A fan said, “Aaron never admits anything and waits for Kaylor to reveal what she knows first so he can spin it how he wants.”

The fan pointed out that Kaylor is “too kind-hearted and trusting.”

But the viewer wants the upcoming Movie Night to “reveal all.”

Plenty of drama on Love Island USA Twitter.
Fans revolt against Aaron. Pic credit: @lasgidi4l/X

Another fan believes Aaron “needs to go” and Kaylor should “let him go be with Rob.”

Aaron and Rob Bausch were fast friends when they entered the villa last month, so they have covered for one another countless times.

“I’m calling the police on Love Island USA if they don’t show the video of Aaron and Dani sucking face in Casa Amore,” chimed in a third viewer.

Another Love Island USA fan hits out.
Another Love Island USA fan reacts to Aaron. Pic credit: @tatiana/X

Movie Night is always one of the most highly anticipated parts of Love Island USA because it allows for the potential for more details about Casa Amor to be revealed.

Movie Night could force Aaron to reveal everything

With Aaron not being forthcoming with information, there’s a high chance that producers will give all the intel to the other islanders.

Then again, will it matter if Kaylor doesn’t agree to his ultimatum to leave Casa Amor in the past?

It’s incredible how quickly things change in the villa, but the fact is that Aaron and Kaylor have a high chance of being dumped from the island.

With the season slowly concluding, too many people are in the villa, so a mass exodus is on the horizon.

With viewers seemingly so against Aaron, it’s hard to imagine them keeping him in, even if Kaylor gets back together with him.

Love Island USA airs Thursday-Tuesday on Peacock.

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