Love Island USA: Val Bragg thinks Jesse Bray is using Deb Chubb to stay on show

Val from Love Island USA speaks on her experience with Jesse.
Val spilled some Love Island USA tea after her exit from the villa. Pic credit: Peacock

Love Island USA Season 4 star Val Bragg thinks Jesse Bray is using Deb Chubb to stay on the reality TV show.

Val didn’t have the best experience inside the Love Island USA villa. She came in with Mady McLanahan, but things didn’t go her way.

Although the brunette beauty chose Jesse Bray, who appeared interested at first, he ultimately wanted to go back to Deb.

As Love Island USA fans know, Jesse and Deb coupled up on day one, but they don’t seem to have that it factor at all.

When the first recoupling of the season occurred, with it being the guys’ choice, Val was left out in the cold. The single islander was sent packing that same time.

Life outside the villa has consisted of Val speaking about her stint on the show, and she’s dropping some truth bombs.

Val Bragg thinks Jesse Bray is using Deb Chubb to stay on show

In an interview with Page Six, Val spilled some tea on Jesse and his true feelings about Deb.

“I think he’s just trying to save a spot if I’m being honest,” she expressed.

It’s no secret there’s a $100,000 grand prize for Love Island USA. The winning couple picks cards, with one having the prize money on it, and the winner can decide to keep it or split it with the other person.

There’s no question Jesse was feeding Deb and Val the same lines, which makes her believe Jeese chose the person who he thought would give him staying power.

Love Island USA star Val Bragg calls Deb Chubb ‘submissive’

Val also touched on why she thought Jesse’s ultimate choice of Deb over her was his best option to get to the end.

“And I think Deb was more submissive to him. I come with more of a strong, bold personality and I feel like I was seen as more of a threat to him than Deb,” Val explained to the website.

She feels that Deb gave Jesse a sense of security that Val didn’t, spilling Deb was giving Jesse far more attention than Val was inside the villa.

Val Bragg didn’t find the one on Love Island USA, but that hasn’t stopped her from searching for her Mr. Right. The Costa Rica native has no intention of settling for anyone less than a guy who treats her right and makes her laugh.

What do you think of Val’s comments about Jesse and Deb?

Love Island USA airs Tuesday-Sunday at 9/8c on Peacock.

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