Love Island USA star Nadjha Day wears white with a hint of Barbiecore

Nadjha Day
Nadjha Day is seen channeling her inner Barbie. Pic credit: @nadjhaday/Instagram

Nadjha Day channeled her inner Barbie Tuesday, with her latest outfit.

She was seen posing in her home wearing an all-white monochromatic outfit. 

The Love Island USA star wore a white crop top with a halter neck and a keyhole detail by the bust.  

She coordinated it with a white mini-skirt that she could tie in the front. However, the star of the show was her pink velvet platform heels. The shoes were open-toe with straps that went up her ankle.  

Nadjha loved the shoes and said it was giving “Barbie Tingz” while promoting the heels.  

She kept her hair aligned with the Barbie theme by curling her long blond hair into big barrel curls. Her makeup was flawless as well, with dark brown eyeshadow, dramatic eyelashes, and pink lip gloss.  

Nadjha Day is ready for Halloween  

When she is not channeling Barbie, she is promoting her inner goddess. Earlier this week, the reality star gave her 79k followers a sneak peek at her potential Halloween costume.

Nadjha Day was in front of a white background showing off her gorgeous gold costume.

She was wearing a gold bra with vertical pleats on the bust. Fans could see gold leaves lining the top of the bra, which really sold the look. To match it, she wore gold underwear with a mesh skirt along the waistline. The skirt was held together by a coordinating gold leaf belt.

She accessorized her costume with stacked necklaces and a gold leaf headband. Nadjha switched up her hair and crimped it.

Her makeup was just as angelic as her costume. She was seen wearing neutral eyeshadow, long eyelashes, and pink lip gloss.

Jeff Christian Jr. fills fans in on where he stands with Nadjha Day 

For those who don’t know, Nadjha Day is part of the hit reality show Love Island USA. Nadjha and her co-star Jeff Christian Jr. were fan favorites as a couple, and people loved seeing them together. However, a huge blowout between Jeff and Timmy Pandolfi, realtor and castmate, led to an early departure and untimely breakup for the couple.  

When recently talking about Nadjha to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Jeff admitted that despite working on it previously, the two are no longer together.

However, Jeff explained there is no ill will between the two. He said, “I do love the girl. I have so much care for her. I really do. I’m really not trying to be a playboy no more. I’m done with all that. I would really give her the world if it ever came down to that. But we’ll see the future one day.”