Love Island USA star Moira Tumas stuns in black and pink for Pretty Little Thing

Moira Tumas poses for a closeup selfie
Moira Tumas looked stunning in her latest casual outfit. Pic credit: @moiratumas/Instagram

Moira Tumas looked stunning as she donned a pink cap and black outfit for Pretty Little Thing.

The 31-year-old Love Island USA star posed for a photo while out doing some shopping. In her caption, she indicated that she had decided “last minute to participate in Halloween.”

Fortunately, the clothing brand Pretty Little Thing came to her rescue. She left the store smiling with a signature pink Pretty Little Thing bag slung over her arm and most likely holding her 2022 Halloween costume.

Tumas looked stunning in the photo as she was snapped in the casual wear she donned for the shopping trip.

Her outfit included a black sports bra and a pair of dark gray sweatpants that showed off her toned midriff. To finish her look, she wore a pink baseball cap on top of her blond locks and donned a pair of white shoes with brown soles.

In addition to her shopping bag, she also had a black purse over her shoulder and held an almost empty cup of coffee in her hand.

Moira Tumas looked stunning for shopping trip

Tumas looked stunning as she finished up her shopping trip and posed in front of a Pretty Little Thing banner. She smiled easily at the camera, with one hand resting casually in the pocket of her sweatpants.

Behind her, Pretty Little Thing boasted a fancy, Halloween-themed banner for the holidays. The banner was hot pink and peppered generously with pink unicorns, ghastly-looking black trees, and white ghosts.

Moira Tumas poses in a cap and sports bra for Pretty Little Things on her Instagram Story
Pic credit: @moiratumas/Instagram

Even in her casual wear, Tumas managed to stun for the camera. It isn’t surprising, though, considering she has been modeling for over 15 years.

Her career started with a magazine photoshoot for Cosmo Magazine when she was just 14. In addition to modeling, she recently ventured into the reality TV industry with her appearance on Season 2 of Love Island USA.

While Tumas didn’t win the competition, she did come incredibly close to doing so. She ultimately finished in third place along with Calvin Cobb.

She joined the competition after breaking up with her ex of eight years because he didn’t want to commit to marriage. As a result, she sought someone who would be open to planning a future with her on Love Island USA.

What Moira Tumas has been doing since Love Island USA?

While Tumas finished strong on Love Island USA, her journey wasn’t smooth all the way through. She coupled with multiple partners over the season, including James McCool, Cobb, and Connor Trott.

However, Cobb was the one she kept coming back to and eventually finished with in third place. Unfortunately, the couple didn’t last long outside of the show.

Tumas told People that the couple tried to work their relationship out while back in the real world. However, their busy schedules and the distance between them ultimately led to them calling it quits about two months after the season ended.

While she didn’t find a partner on Love Island USA, she has continued to find success and make a name for herself since the show. Building off her career experience and reality television recognition, she has continued modeling for big brands and nabbing impressive partnerships.

She most recently partnered with Celsius while attending a Revolve gallery.

She also continues to build her social media presence by sharing her various doings, partnerships, and latest photoshoots with her followers.