Love Island USA star debuting on Summer House with Carl Radke

Mackenzie Dipman from Love Island USA
Mackenzie Dipman from Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Summer House fans have gotten used to Carl Radke’s many relationships over the past few years.

Fans of the show also know that Carl and Lindsay Hubbard are finally official after a long will-they-or-won’t-they relationship.

However, Summer House Season 6 was pre-taped, so fans will get to see how Carl and Lindsay finally hooked up, but not before they see him with a newcomer to Summer House.

Love Island USA Season 2 star Mackenzie Dipman and Carl dated last year.

Who is Mackenzie Dipman on Summer House?

At this time, there is no word on whether Mackenzie Dipman will appear on multiple episodes of Summer House or just a one-shot appearance.

Carl was talking to Mya Allen about his interest in Mackenzie and the photo of them together showed everyone it was Mackenzie Dipman.

This also isn’t new news, as the two of them were seen together in 2021.

Fans of Love Island USA know a lot about Mackenzie.

Mackenzie was part of the second season of the show, a Day 1 entrant who was dumped from the island on Day 25.

Mackenzie Dipman and Connor Trott didn’t leave Love Island USA together, but they ended up finding their way back together after leaving the show.

The two then went on to date for a time, one of the fan-favorite post-Love Island USA couples from the second season.

However, it wasn’t meant to be and the two broke up.

What is interesting about Mackenzie and Carl is that many fans of Love Island USA and Summer House recognize a resemblance between the two men.

However, this relationship was also not meant to be.

Fans will have to watch Summer House in order to see what happened with the two and how Carl ended up with Lindsay.

As for Mackenzie, fans can catch her on her podcast, Out of His League, which has new episodes every Wednesday.

Love Island USA coming back this summer to Peacock

Fans of Love Island USA will see a major change this year when Season 4 arrives.

Lover Island USA is moving off of CBS and will now air on the Peacock streaming service.

According to the press release, Love Island USA will now be more similar to its U.K. version, as the move to Peacock means there will be “steamier” and “naughtier” games, much like the original Love Island.

This is because there will be no network censoring of the show, and it will look more like what fans of the original are used to.

The only bad news is that fans will have to pay for a new streaming service, although it only costs $4.99 a month.

Love Island USA Season 4 will premiere this summer on Peacock.

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