Love Island USA releases steamy new teaser promoting Peacock move

Josh and Shannon on Love Island USA
Josh and Shannon on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Love Island USA is moving to Peacock streaming, and while this means some people won’t be able to see it anymore, those who do are likely to finally see the show as it was meant to be.

For the first three seasons, Love Island USA aired on CBS and that meant network censors had their say in what the show could and couldn’t do.

The American version was never as popular or successful as the U.K. version since the games were all edited for network television.

A new teaser hit the Love Island USA Instagram page that showed that this will no longer be the case on Peacock.

Teaser promises ‘steamy’ new Love Island USA

The new Love Island USA teaser was only 15 seconds, but it promised what most fans expected.

“Coming soon (and often)… The steamy new #LoveIslandUSA is recoupling, streaming this summer only on @peacocktv,” the caption read.

Outside of the double entendre, the video itself just showed the water hitting the beach with a voice-over.

“Warning: Due to the explicit nature of this show, Love Island will now be streaming on Peacock – all streaming summer. Love Island, coming soon and often”

As expected, Love Island USA will be able to do so much more without the network censors on CBS.

Why did Love Island USA move to Peacock?

Last season, Love Island USA had its regular episodes on CBS and then had the steamier un-edited scenes shown on Paramount+ streaming.

However, the show on CBS was not as popular as hoped – mostly due to the censors keeping it from reaching the levels of the more popular U.K. version. As a result, CBS wasn’t willing to put as much into it for the fourth season.

Love Island shopped the show around and NBC was willing to take it on with a two-season order and a move completely to streaming.

This means that there won’t be two versions – the edited tame version on network television and the steamy version on Paramount+ streaming. Instead, it will all be in one place and that is the steamier location without the network censors.

This comes with risk, as the fans who were happy with the censored neutered version will have to pay for Peacock now to see it at all. However, for those who watched the steamy versions on Paramount+, there is no difference in cost between that service and Peacock.

Love Island USA is on hiatus. The dating reality competition series will return this summer to its new home on Peacock streaming.

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