Love Island USA releases hot new promo for Season 4

Love Island USA is returning for Season 4
Love Island USA is returning for Season 4. Pic credit: CBS

Love Island USA is almost back for its fourth season and there are plenty of changes coming for the show.

Many of these changes are for the better.

In the first three seasons, CBS aired the show but thanks to network censors, they couldn’t show as much as the more popular UK version and ended up showing the more risque stuff on Paramount+, the CBS streaming service.

CBS decided they wanted to cut ties and shopped Love Island USA around and NBC picked it up.

However, instead of doing what CBS did, and having a censored version on NBC and the risque stuff on its streaming platform, Peacock, NBC decided to put it all on Peacock in one place.

This eliminates the censored tamer show and there is hope that it will finally reach the levels of fun as the UK version.

Love Island USA releases new teaser

Peacock released a new trailer for Love Island USA Season 4.

The teaser shows a lot of what fans can expect, which is hot young men and women in bikinis and swim trunks.

However, it also shows the fun factor of the show, as it started with an older couple and two younger “nerdy” looking people at a bus stop. They boarded the bus and ended up at Love Island.

The younger “nerdy” couple then took off their glasses, and in true rom-com fashion, were suddenly hot, young people looking for love. The narrator said that it was time for more people to find love.

In the end, the older couple showed up and the narrator said he wondered what happened to them.

It was a nice mix of the sexiness and the fun that Love Island has always offered.

Love Island USA makes changes to the host and voice of the island

Listening to the Love Island USA Season 4 teaser will reveal one important thing.

Matthew Hoffman is gone as the voice of Love Island USA and replacing him is Iain Stirling, the narrator of the UK version of Love Island.

While Matthew will be missed, Iain is a perfect replacement for the move to Peacock.

As for the host, Arielle Vandenberg has left the franchise, and replacing her is Modern Family star, Sarah Hyland. To make a fun connection, Sarah is engaged to Wells Adams, the bartender from Bachelor in Paradise.

Love Island USA Season 4 premieres on July 19 on Peacock streaming.

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