Love Island USA officially leaving CBS, here is where you will see Season 4

Love Island USA is leaving CBS
Love Island USA is leaving CBS. Pic credit: CBS

Love Island USA just made a surprising announcement. The reality dating show is officially leaving CBS before its fourth season.

CBS was not happy that the American version of the show did not reach the same levels as the U.K. version of Love Island and allowed the production company to shop it around to other networks.

It found a buyer in NBCUniversal.

However, the show will not move to NBC. Instead, Love Island USA is moving fully to Peacock.

Love Island USA moving to Peacock

Fans of Love Island USA showed a lot of frustration when the show’s extras ended up on Paramount+, the streaming service for CBS.

However, some of the best moments aired on those bonus episodes since the show didn’t have to worry about network censors.

With that in mind, Love Island USA moving to Peacock rather than CBS might improve the show.

For one thing, the extra bonus scenes will be there side-by-side with the regular episodes. For another, the show can do a lot more than it could when it simply aired on CBS.

There is also a chance that the more steamy scenes that were shown on Paramount+ could actually appear now on the regular episodes since they will be Peacock.

“Love Island is a highly addictive dating format that is primed for a streaming service like Peacock where we can push boundaries and bring viewers steamy and dramatic twists,” said Jenny Groom, executive vice president of entertainment unscripted content.

“The series took pop culture by storm after the U.K. format found fans across the world, and we are thrilled to be able to bring an all-new version to Peacock this summer anchoring our unscripted slate.”

Love Island USA guaranteed of at least two more seasons

There is also great news for fans of Love Island USA.

Peacock is not just picking up Love Island USA for Season 4. The streaming service committed to Season 5 as well.

“This really is an unprecedented deal for an unscripted brand,” said ITV America CEO David George. “Peacock and NBCU are the perfect home for Love Island because of their strategy to grow the show, utilizing the greater NBCU television portfolio and other platforms to help propel the series.

“That dedication, coupled with a two-season commitment on Peacock, sealed the deal. We’re incredibly excited to elevate the show through a bold new collaboration.”

Love Island USA will film Season 4 in California rather than on a tropical island.

Love Island USA will premiere in the summer of 2022 on Peacock.

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1 year ago

When and what US channel is Season 4 of Love Island broadcasted. We looked in Peacock today and couldn’t find it listed.

1 year ago

I thought it was to be released on 6/6/22, however there is no indication it is on Peacock when you do a search. Any idea on when this will be released on Peacock?