Love Island USA: Here is who won Season 3 and if they kept the money or split it

Love Island USA Islanders in the finale
Love Island USA Islanders in the finale. Pic credit: CBS

Love Island USA Season 3 had its finale on August 15 and the winners were announced.

The winners of the third season get $100,000 and the person to get the envelope with the check will decide whether they will keep all the money or split it with their partner.

Here is a look at how Love Island USA Season 3 ended.

Heading into the Love Island USA finale

There were four couples left in Love Island USA Season 3.

The couples got a chance to write love letters to each other, talk about what could happen off the island, and then it was time for them to learn who won the competition.

America voted for their favorite couple, while Cashay, Cinco, Javonny, Shannon, and Josh watched together live on Instagram.

The fan favorites would walk away with the money.

Alana & Charlie came in fourth place

Alana and Charlie faced an uphill battle because both came in late, and Charlie admitted to that.

Both said that they would be dating when they left the villa.

Jeremy & Bailey came in third place

Jeremy and Bailey came in third place.

This made sense as people wanted to vote out Jeremy all season, and he never had a chance to show his sense of humor and personality on the CBS version of the show.

They both said they plan to try to move forward with their relationship in the future.

The Love Island USA Season 3 winners

Before they announced the winners, Will said that he already won the show and his award was Kyra.

The winner of Love Island USA Season 3 was … Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy.

The two then got the envelopes and then decided whether they would stick together and split the money or keep it and leave with all the $100,000.

Olivia picked first, and Korey picked second. Olivia opened up her envelope and there was nothing in it. Korey opened up his envelope and his said $100,000.

“This is the easiest decision of my life,” Korey said. “I’m going to split it.”

He and Olivia hugged and celebrated as everyone else ran in to hug them and celebrate with them.

Korey and Olivia then ran up and went down the slide in their suits and dresses one last time, with the rest of the Islanders following.

Love Island USA ended its third season on August 15. You can stream the entire season on Paramount+.

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