Love Island USA: Flo blasts Will for downplaying their connection in Casa Amor

Will on Love Island USA
Will on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

When Will Moncada chose to stick with Kyra Lizama over moving on to Florence Mueller, it seemed like the right decision.

Will and Kyra had the best relationship of anyone on the show, never fighting and seeming to always be on the same page.

When Shannon St. Clair came after Will after he admitted to sleeping in the same bed as Florence and kissing her during Casa Amor, he seemed hurt and it divided fans down the middle.

Some fans loved Shannon for “telling it like it is,” even though it was not her relationship and Josh Goldstein was far from innocent in their relationship. Others took Will’s side, as they felt he was being honest with Kyra about what happened and easily could have lied about it.

However, Florence isn’t hearing any of it and took to Twitter to put Will on blast.

The Will and Flo controversy on Love Island USA

For the most part, the Casa Amor girls came in hot and heavy and tried to force their way into relationships.

Genny Shawcross moved quickly for the single Jeremy Hershberg. Leslie Golden liked Korey Gandy but she really wanted to move in on Cinco Holland, who was in the middle of another love triangle.

The two most aggressive, though, were Isabel Johnson and Florence Mueller. Isabel was so aggressive that she seemingly scared Korey away.

As for Florence, she took a chance and wanted to sway the attention of Will, who had never once looked away from Kyra since the start of this season of Love Island USA.

He even turned down Olivia Kaiser, who let him know that she was interested in him.

Will agreed to open himself up to Florence to see if there was something there. According to Will, he wanted to make sure that there was no doubt that he wanted Kyra, and in the end, he chose Kyra.

However, he did kiss Florence when she became more aggressive and the two slept in the same bed and even kissed there.

Will was honest with Kyra about everything, but more recently he has downplayed his interactions with Flo, saying he was never “intimate” with her.

Flo blasts Will for downplaying Casa Amor

Flo took to Twitter to rip into Will for downplaying their time together in Casa Amor.

Flo had done some interviews since leaving Love Island USA, but she said that was before she watched the newer episodes with Will explaining to Kyra what happened.

“I kept it real cute in the interviews but that was before I watched the episodes and saw Will downplay the situation. Smhh…,” Flo wrote.

Flo Love Island tweet
Pic credit: @flomoneyyy/Instagram

There were plenty of commenters who didn’t agree with Flo’s assessment. @lovepink9309 wrote that “to me intimate means sex… I think that’s what Will thought Trina was asking.” @Vonisthenublack wrote “Gurl if you didn’t initiate a kiss that shi wouldn’t have happened.”

However, there were also a ton of people who agreed with Flo and took her side, and she has made sure to retweet just about every comment that sided with her.

For now, it seems that Kyra is sticking with Will and has told Shannon to step back and respect what she wants.

It will be interesting to see what Love Island USA fans think when the next fan vote takes place.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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