Love Island USA fans want ‘messy’ Kendall Washington eliminated: ‘I promise you are not winning’

Kendall Washington on Love Island USA.
Kendall Washington is on Love Island USA. Pic credit: Peacock

Kendall Washington may be in one of the strongest relationships of Love Island USA Season 6, but he’s quickly losing fans.

Kendall returned from Casa Amor and declared that he only thought about Nicole Jacky while away.

As fans know, he remained loyal to Nicole, but he egged Aaron Evans and Kordell Beckham on their quests to explore connections with the new girls despite leaving relationships back in the main villa.

At the beginning of Tuesday’s new episode of the Peacock hit, Kendall and Nicole were given a night away in the Hideaway, and based on their smiles the next morning, it was a great night.

However, it was inevitable that their night of passion was the calm before the storm because producers went above and beyond to make Kendall look bad during Movie Night.

Kaylor Martin and Serena Page had previously called him out after they heard his sentiments about Aaron and Kordell’s new Casa Amor connections in a video sent to them by producers.

Kendall’s actions are causing problems on Love Island USA

Although Kendall apologized to them both, Movie Night delved further into his actions and the girls — and viewers — were not impressed.

Kendall was shown in the video telling Kordell that Daia McGhee was giving him what Serena couldn’t despite the original couple being an item for weeks.

He was also shown telling Daia that he was excited to see how their dynamic played out at Casa Amor, which elicited quite a reaction from the original girls when they watched it.

Initially, Kendall didn’t see the error of his ways and muttered a half-hearted apology when he realized he needed to take accountability for his actions.

Love Island USA fans are tired of Kendall

Fans are gradually getting tired of Kendall’s antic and have taken to social media to voice their frustrations about him.

One fan believed Kendall is “messy.”

With Kendall and Nicole being strong at this point in the summer and being the first couple to use the Hideaway, fans don’t want him to win.

One fan promised that he will not emerge victorious this season.

Another fan claimed Kendall “broke up with his girlfriend to be on Love Island.”

The viewer further claimed that he “is only here” for the money.

Another fan hit out with their belief that Kendall would go off if Nicole treated him like the other boys treated their partners.

Love Island USA’s Movie Night ended on a cliffhanger, with a teaser promoting more videos being shared with the islanders.

With a mass dumping confirmed for this week, viewers may be able to vote for their favorite couples in an attempt to get rid of the people they don’t want to make it to the season finale.

Love Island USA airs Thursdays-Tuesdays on Peacock.

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