Love Island USA fans slam producers for trying to ‘villainize’ Leah Kateb

Leah Kateb on Love Island USA.
Love Island USA fans are hitting back at producers. Pic credit: Peacock

Love Island USA is giving viewers whiplash for its portrayal of Leah Kateb.

Kateb, who was initially paired with Rob Bausch, was involved in a lot of drama during Season 6’s Movie Night.

Initially, she watched footage of Kaylor Martin and Olivia “Liv” Walker telling Rob she was instrumental in sending his love interest, Andrea Carmona, out of the villa.

Following the shocking elimination, Leah maintained that she didn’t play a massive part in the decision, which Rob now believes to be a lie.

On a somewhat bizarre note, the ladies had already bickered about Leah’s involvement earlier in the season and squashed their beef quickly.

As producers likely expected, the new footage caused the mother of all arguments between the women.

Leah was front and center during movie night

However, Leah was further dragged by her islanders when the series unveiled footage of her trashing Rob and making fun of him crying after she revealed he was stuck between her and Andrea.

In the comical rant, Leah eviscerated Rob to her female co-stars, saying that his tears gave her the ick.

Despite initially laughing about the incident, Leah apologized to Rob after Aaron Evans leaped to his defense, which was a bit rich considering the schtick the Traitors UK winner has been pulling in recent weeks.

In any case, Leah was upset about her words and told Rob that she regretted speaking about him the way she did.

Rob thanked her for the apology but maintained his belief that she was one of the few islanders who should not be trusted.

Given that the videos with Leah were from much earlier in the season, fans quickly pointed out their belief that producers had made it their mission to make her look like the season’s villain.

Leah Kateb is supported.
Love Island USA fans hit back at producers. Pic credit: @blck_xcvi/X

“I’m so mad about Love Island USA,” said one fan.

“I know it’s so stupid to be angry about a show,” the viewer added, but felt that “no one” cares about Rob.

“Quit trying to villainize my girl Leah and show how these men are snakes,” the fan affirmed.

Some fans believe producers are out to get Leah

Another fan wondered, “Why are the Love Island USA producers trying to make Rob the victim and Leah the villain so bad?”

Love Island USA fans react.
Love Island USA fans hit out at producers. Pic credit: imanicollier5/X

Another fan wondered why the series was making Love Island USA Season 6’s Movie Night about someone who hasn’t been immersed in the recent drama.

A fourth fan believed the producers felt that Leah shouldn’t have been allowed to speak to the other girls about how Rob made her feel.

The drama between Leah and Rob dominated the first half of the season, but it’s died down in recent weeks.

The dramatic episode ended on a cliffhanger, hinting that more drama is on the horizon.

Love Island USA airs Thursdays-Tuesdays on Peacock.

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