Love Island USA fans react to Daia McGhee’s social media history with Kordell Beckham’s brother

Daia McGhee on Love Island USA.
Daia McGhee is ruffling feathers on Love Island USA. Pic credit: Peacock

Daia McGhee was introduced as a Casa Amor bombshell during Love Island USA Season 6.

Fans had questions when she immediately got close to Kordell Beckham — the brother of Odell Beckham Jr.

Despite Kordell being coupled up with Serena Page since the beginning of the season, their relationship imploded when he brought Daia back to the main villa.

With the dust slowly settling, producers shook up the villa again, revealing that Daia had been interacting on some of Odell’s posts before her time there.

Given that she quickly went after Kordell in Casa Amor, there were questions about whether she had ulterior motives in going on the show in the first place.

A game about how islanders are perceived on social media brought details of Daia’s social media conduct to the surface.

Daia reacted to the bombshell news

For her part, Daia claimed that the post she interacted with was her ex-boyfriend out to dinner with Odell.

With many unanswered questions, fans were quick to react on social media.

Earlier in the season, Kordell said it wasn’t uncommon for women to use him to get close to his brother.

This fan has questions about Daia.
Daia’s integrity is being called out. Pic credit: bkmolady/X

“Like Kordell said he’s used to it,” shared one fan.

“Not even sure if it bothered him,” the post added.

However, the viewer believed that “Daia was playing it down.”

Another fan said, “There’s no way” Kordell is “that dumb” and believes Daia’s story.

The drama about Daia continues on social media.
Drama is brewing about Love Island USA. Pic credit: @victoria_e11e/x

The fan felt that Daia’s voice was “fake” and believed there was far more going on than Kordell had been led to believe.

Another fan believed that producers were aware that including the tweet was crucial because it added another layer to the storyline.

Another fan praised producers for their actions.

Truthfully, it sent the storyline in an exciting direction because there’s a possibility that Kordell may struggle to trust Daia going forward.

The Love Island USA drama has been off the wall in recent episodes because of the constant stories being told between the islanders.

Big changes are coming for Love Island USA

There are still many questions about what happened during Casa Amor, and with Movie Night on the way, the girls will get a lot of context about what the men were up to in the other villa.

We also have two former islanders set to join the villa this week, ahead of a mass bloodbath that will send many islanders home.

The Casa Amor twist leaving countless single islanders set that in motion, and it seems like many fan favorites could be on the chopping block.

Love Island USA airs Thursday-Tuesday on Peacock.

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