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Love Island USA fans believe Olivia and Trina are playing games with Kyra

Will and Kyra on Love Island USA
Will and Kyra on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Love Island USA comes to an end soon, and there is not a clear winner when it comes to who has the strongest love connection.

There are five couples left, but two of them are brand new, and one of them is a friendship couple.

With that said, the other two couples are head-to-head when it comes to fans online, and some viewers think one of the two couples is playing dirty.

Who is left competing on Love Island USA

The two new couples are Jeremy Hershberg & Bailey Marshall and Charlie Lynch & Alana Paolucci.

Fans have wanted Jeremy off for a long time and no one really likes Charlie, so those two couples have little chance of winning a fan vote for the best couple.

The friendship couple is Trina Njoroge and Andre Brunelli. They could get some votes, as Trina has long-time fans in the real world and Andre comes across as a really good guy.

That leaves two couples competing.

Will Moncada and Kyra Lizama have been together since Will arrived. They are struggling with real-world fans because people believe rumors spread on social media that they knew each other before coming to the villa.

While there is no proof whatsoever, a lot of people will believe anything they read on Facebook, so that will hurt Will and Kyra.

However, there is something else working against Will and Kyra.

Olivia Kaiser, who is part of the other couple with Korey Gandy, and Trina are actively trying to break up Will and Kyra.

While they claim they are trying to split up Kyra and Will because they are friends with Kyra, the timing of the final votes is making a lot of people suspicious.

Fans think Olivia and Trina are sabotaging Will and Kyra

Fans think that Trina is trying to help Olivia sabotage Will and Kyra to help Olivia and Korey win the money at the end.

In the fan Twitter competition, someone already accused Olivia of acting like she likes Korey to stay to the end.

It also seemed suspicious that Olivia liked Will and he rejected her to stay with Kyra.

“Just watched last nights ep & olivia is so weird/fake. will should be coming for her instead of trina. i didn’t forget that olivia was a part of that terrible operation heart attack pre casa amor when everything was good between him and kyra,” wrote @bravohbic on Twitter.

Some fans thought it was shady when Trina and Olivia tried to sneak a peek at Will talking to his family.

“Not Trina and Olivia tryna take a peek at his family,” @WycheTyrell wrote.

While some think Trina is helping Olivia get more fan sympathy by breaking up Will and Kyra, others think differently.

Some fans don’t see anything but Olivia and Trina trying to help Kyra, believing Will is using her.

“At least Olivia and Trina are paying attention,” @libitofdrama wrote on Twitter.

Tonight someone goes home on Love Island USA, and it should be the last elimination before the final vote for the winners.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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