Love Island USA eliminates fan-favorite Cashay who says she is going after her man

Cashay Proudfoot on Love Island USA
Cashay Proudfoot on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

In a shocking move on Love Island USA, the elimination on Friday night sent home a fan-favorite Islander.

The good news is that there is a former Islander she wants to chase now that she is off the island.

Cashay eliminated from Love Island USA

The new recoupling came down to Charlie Lynch and two girls — both of whom he was attracted to.

Charlie had to choose from Cashay Proudfoot and Alana Paolucci.

He chose Alana and Cashay went home. This is sure to upset a lot of people since she has been a popular fan favorite since the season started. It could also make Charlie one of the most hated Islanders for the rest of the season.

Charlie teared up, but Cashay later told the girls that they both knew it was over with between them. While it looks like Trina Njoroge and Olivia Kaiser look to be holding a grudge, Alana had something important to ask Cash in the dressing room.

She asked if Cashay was going to go after Cinco Holland.

Cashay wants to find Cinco after leaving Love Island USA

Charlie said that he felt it was not going to work between him and Cashay since she couldn’t get past her feelings for Cinco.

Now, Cashay has a chance to go after Cinco and she said that is what she plans to do.

She also said that she hopes she isn’t too late.

As for Cinco, if Cashay does go after him, he is willing to talk although he is not sure about a relationship after the drama that went down on the island.

“It’s totally up to her,” Cinco said in an interview with After the Island with Alex and Elizabeth. “I’m definitely open to talk to her but I will leave the ball in her court on that one. I’m sure about that one.”

From her comments when leaving the villa, it sounds like Cashay wants to find Cinco and see if the spark is there and whether there could be something between them in the real world.

Cinco did say that he felt that Cashay was the better person for him to couple with.

“Both of them are great people, and I appreciated the time I had with both of them,” Cinco said in the interview. “Honestly, I just thought that the connection I had with Cash was gonna be better for me.”

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.