Love Island USA cast member disses former boyfriend on Instagram

Jeremy and Florita on Love Island USA
Jeremy and Florita on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Leslie Golden didn’t have a successful tenure on Love Island USA.

While most of the people there were looking for love, Leslie spent most of her time pumping up her Instagram page with photos, which made sense since her job was as an Instagram influencer.

However, she did have her eye on a couple of guys in the villa.

Leslie considered Korey Gandy, Jeremy Hershberg, and Cinco Holland.

In the end, she hooked up with Korey and then was kicked off the show when producers learned she brought a dab pen into the villa, which was against the rules.

Since leaving the show, both Leslie and Jeremy have continued to have drama in their love lives and recently, the two ended up together in a few photos.

Leslie and Jeremy showed up together on IG

Leslie Golden ended up hooking up with Love Island USA Season 2 Islander Bennett Sipes after leaving the villa.

The two dated for a time, and even had a double date with Season 3 finalists Will Moncada and Kyra Lizama.

However, they broke up and Leslie said he was a nice guy but she decided she was more into girls than guys. Later, she said that was just an excuse for the breakup and she was more recently seen with Jeremy Hershberg.

Jeremy went through more women on Love Island USA Season 3 than any other Islanders. By the end, he came in third place with Bailey Marshall before ghosting her and then dumping her after they left the villa.

Since then, he has hooked up with Florita Diaz, but that ended as well, and now he has been seen with Leslie.

Meanwhile, Bennett Sipes has started dating Too Hot to Handle star Carly Lawrence, and the two spent Christmas together.

Love Island USA’s Leslie throws shade at former boyfriend Bennett Sipes

Leslie Golden posted a photo of her and Jeremy standing together, while Jeremy had his arm around her shoulder.

She tagged it “WhO’s ThAt.”

Leslie IG 2
Pic credit: @lesliehannahbelle/Instagram

Fans likely assumed it meant that she was teasing a new boyfriend, this one as Jeremy.

However, that wasn’t what she was doing and was instead just making fun of Bennett. Before this, Carly had posted a photo of her and Bennett with them blurred out to tease the new relationship.

That photo has since expired on Carly’s IG Stories, but Leslie admitted that her post was just a way to make fun of Bennett and how he and Carly announced their relationship.

Leslie IG 1
Pic credit: @lesliehannahbelle/Instagram

For Bennett and Carly, it likely doesn’t matter to them. Their recent photos make it look like they are very happy together.

Love Island USA is on hiatus. The show is currently casting for the fourth season, which should arrive in the summer of 2022.

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