Love Island USA: Cashay reveals her relationship status with Cinco

Cashay and Cinco from Love Island USA
Cashay and Cinco from Love Island USA. Pic credit: @cashayproudfoot/Instagram

When Cashay Proudfoot left the villa on Love Island USA, she went to see Cinco Holland.

This was huge news since they were caught in a giant love triangle on the show, and have been together ever since.

However, unlike couples Josh Goldstein and Shannon St. Clair and Will Moncada and Kyra Lizama, they never made their status clear.

Cashay reveals status with Cinco after Love Island USA

Cashay and Cinco went to Instagram Live on October 11 to talk to and answer fan questions.

Cinco was playing a video game and standing behind Cashay, who was sitting in front of the computer looking at the questions and going through each question, talking to fans, and dodging a few questions.

At the start of Instagram Live, someone said that Cashay had a thing for Korey Gandy, which caused her to threaten to block him while laughing.

Then someone asked if Cashay had a thing for Cinco, she laughed and told them to stop it too.

Cashay then told everyone how the two reconnected for those who had missed out on how they got back together after Love Island USA.

Someone then posted that they might be in love, but it won’t last and they mocked them by asking if they could see the future.

When someone told them to stop letting the haters get them down, Cashay said that they don’t let it get them down and just laugh it off.

Cash also said that she and Cinco are going to Ghana together for their next trip. They are going at the end of December and will be there partway into January.

Cashay also said that the two are planning a YouTube channel. She mentioned that they might do a show of her cooking for Cinco.

When a fan asked why she would cook for someone she isn’t officially with, Cash finally dropped the bomb.

“We are together,” she said. “f**k off.” The two then laughed at the person asking the question. She then said that they are taking it slow and chilling and that the fans won’t even know if they take the next step until they tell them.

Cashay and Cinco said they don’t watch reality TV

Cinco joked that people might find it surprising that he never watched reality TV before signing up for Love Island USA.

Cashay also said she doesn’t watch reality TV outside of The Bachelor and Love Island. Cinco never watched anything. The two even admitted they have never watched an episode of Big Brother and have no idea how the game works.

Cinco then admitted that he could consider The Challenge, although he said they aren’t ready for someone like him.

Jeremy Hershberg even asked if Cinco wanted to be on the Challenge with him and Cinco admitted it would be dope.

Love Island USA is currently on hiatus. You can relive the third season on Paramount+ streaming.