Love Island UK announces Season 8 release date, and how to watch in U.S.

Love Island villa
Love Island villa. Pic credit: ITV

Love Island USA has quite a few fans and has capitalized on its success to move to the Peacock streaming service with a two-season order.

Many fans are excited since the move to Peacock means that Love Island USA won’t have to hold back to make censors happy with the risque and dirty games that had to be edited down when it was on CBS.

What fans hope is that the move will make it more like Love Island UK, which was the more popular and successful original dating show that spawned Love Island USA.

The good news is that Love Island UK has an official release date now and fans in America can watch it along with the U.S. version.

Love Island UK release date

Love Island UK airs on ITV in the United Kingdom and is one of the most popular reality dating shows in the world.

With the same format as Love Island USA, but with a lot more naughty games thanks to fewer restrictions in the UK, Love Island has been a ratings’ juggernaut since it premiered.

It is now coming back for Season 8.

Love Island UK will return to the air on Monday, June 6. Filming will start over the next few weeks and the contestants chosen have already been informed.

This will also be the longest season ever, checking in at 10 weeks.

As for fans in the United States who want to see Love Island UK, it streams on Hulu and drops daily as it does in the UK. In 2021, it premiered one week after it did in the UK, so fans might have to avoid spoilers if they want to remain surprised in the U.S.

Love Island UK has some big-time fans

Despite taking place in the UK, there are several high-profile U.S. celebs who love the show.

The Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn) considers herself a superfan of the UK version.

The actress met some cast members when they attended the Birds of Prey premiere in London.

“I won’t know what to do when Love Island finishes. I mean, what will I watch? It’s literally the most addictive thing on TV ever,” the actress said in an interview with the Daily Star Sunday.

Millie Bobby Brown, the young star of Stranger Things, is another Love Island superfan.

“Whether I wanted it or not I was getting a full Love Island update every day in the makeup and hair trailer,” her Enola Holmes co-star Henry Cavill told Extra. “She was definitely keeping me posted on that, and she was also chasing me around trying to get me to do TikTok videos.”

Love Island UK premieres on ITV on Monday, June 6. It will also drop on Hulu, with the date TBD.

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