Love Is Blind’s Marshall Glaze hard-launches his relationship with Chay Barnes

Marshall Glaze Netflix
Marshall is going public with his romance. Pic credit: Netflix

Jackie who? Love Is Blind contestant Marshall Glaze has found love after reality TV.

While on Season 4 of Netflix’s popular dating experiment, Marshall matched with Jackie Bonds in the pods, and the two got engaged.

But, their relationship didn’t have what it took to make it — in fact, they didn’t even make it to the altar to say “I do” or “I don’t” because they broke things off before getting a chance to walk down the aisle.

Marshall dated another woman, Kacia Clark, after his breakup with Jackie. Unfortunately, Marshall’s split from Jackie was still too fresh, and he couldn’t distance himself from the tough breakup and ultimately called it quits with Kacia.

For her part, Jackie moved on with her other pod match, Josh Demas, suspiciously quickly after she and Marshall split, and the two are happily dating to this day.

Now, it looks as though Marshall has moved on, too, and decided to look for love outside of reality television this time. And, as Monsters and Critics correctly reported, she’s a doctor by the name of Dr. Chay Barnes.

Marshall Glaze goes public with his new girlfriend, Dr. Chay Barnes

Marshall went public with his new lady love on Instagram. In a Reel set to the song Kubla by Wun Two and Wyl, Marshall and his girlfriend played a game of Uno.

The couple sat on a blanket overlooking a lake and the city’s skyline. At one point in the short video, Marshall playfully leaped towards Chay, and they put their arms around each other as Marshall planted a kiss on Chay and she rubbed his back.

“Legend says, friends have been lost over a game of Uno,” read Marshall’s caption.

Marshall’s post received more than 20,000 likes, and hundreds more of his fans flocked to the comments to wish him and Chay well, including some of his Love Is Blind castmates.

Love Is Blind viewers and contestants share their happiness for Marshall

One of Marshall’s fellow Love Is Blind contestants, Kwame Appiah, wrote, “Ayeee Marsh and his numero Uno? okay I’ll stop. ? love y’all! ❤️”

Another fellow castmate, Zack Goytowski, joined the fun and replied to Kwame, “@ayokwam takes no prisoners when we play Uno ?.”

More of Marshall’s IG followers commented on how happy they are for him. One Instagram user wrote, “About damn time Marsh!!! ??? she is hot and accomplished ?”

kwame appiah and zack goytowski comment on marshall glaze's instagram post
Kwame and Zack from Season 4 of Love Is Blind showed up in Marshall’s comments. Pic credit: @marshallglaze/Instagram

“Now that’s what you call a hard launch ?,” read another comment.

Displaying their happiness for Marshall finding love again, one follower penned, “YASSSSSSSSS ❤️ happy Marshall has got a bae ??.”

Chay also showed up in the comments, leaving three smiling faces with hearts emojis, which was met with plenty of support from more of Marshall’s fans and followers.

dr. chay barnes comments on marshall glaze's Instagram post
Chay left a slew of emojis on Marshall’s post, and his followers showed her some love. Pic credit: @marshallglaze/Instagram

Who is Dr. Chay Barnes?

So who is the new woman in Marshall’s life? Dr. Chay Barnes describes herself as a “Doctor of Nursing Practice” per her Instagram bio and lists her accolades as a Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Midwife, and Labor & Delivery RN.

The primary care provider in training is also the founder of The Wellness Series, a community aimed at promoting self-care, mind and body wellness, health and wellness inspiration for professionals, and collaborative community events in the Washington state area.

Marshall first tipped off his followers that Chay was his girlfriend in his Instagram Story. After Marshall made disparaging comments aimed at Black women, he took to the social media platform to issue an apology.

In his post, he included a photo of himself and Chay holding hands and wrote, “Last but certainly not least, this Queen. Chay … you deserve the biggest apology out of them all.”

“You have been sidelined by me for reasons that I can’t even begin to explain,” Marshall continued. “You stuck by me even when I pushed you away. Never again.”

Marshall’s first mention of Chay was in August 2022. Marshall gave Chay photo credit in the caption of the post.

The accompanying caption read, “✌? and ? #BlackBoyJoy (? x @chaybarnes).”

Season 4 of Love Is Blind is currently streaming on Netflix.

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