Love Is Blind’s Irina Solomonova shares vulnerable throwback photos of her acne

Irina Netflix cast photo
Irina opened up about her acne and shared throwback photos of her skin. Pic credit: Netflix

Love Is Blind Season 4 contestant Irina Solomonova is opening up about her struggle with acne.

After talking about having “really, really bad” acne during her introduction on Love Is Blind, viewers were curious to see photos of Irina’s former complexion.

During Season 4 Episode 1, Irina opened up about the inflammatory skin disorder that left her complexion scarred.

“I think I’m a bombshell, but when I was younger, I had really really bad acne. Like, really, really bad acne, and I was so, so insecure about it,” Irina revealed.

She continued, “And I would always be like, ‘Oh my gosh, like, guys are not gonna wanna date me because I have really bad acne.’ It’s always something I thought about, and the acne scars that I still have.”

Now that Irina’s skin has improved, she is opening up about previously having acne and what she’s done to improve her complexion.

Love Is Blind contestant Irina Solomonova shares throwback photos of her acne

The 26-year-old business owner opened up during a recent Instagram Story Q&A, noting that she was feeling in a “Q&A mood.”

Irina fielded questions from her fans and critics during the question-and-answer session. One such question came from a follower who asked Irina to share pictures of when she had acne.

Irina complied, sharing two photos taken in 2017, seen below.

irina solomonova shared photos of her acne in her instagram story
Irina shared throwback photos of her skin while her acne was still active. Pic credit: @irina_solo/Instagram

In addition to the pics, Irina went into detail about her acne. She noted that the pics she shared depicted her acne when it began “slowing down” and was less active.

Irina shared that she’s since been working with an esthetician to improve her skin and minimize scarring. Irina’s esthetician has performed facials and micro-needling on her skin, and she noted that it can take three to six months for results to become apparent.

Irina also pointed out that how her complexion looks is “all about the lighting.” She added that on the show, viewers could “see everything” due to the lighting, but in other lighting, her scars aren’t as visible.

Irina became known as a ‘mean girl’ during her time on Love Is Blind

Although her acne became something that viewers remember about Irina, the Solo Collective founder instead became more well-known as one of the “mean girls” during Season 4 of Love Is Blind, alongside her castmate and former BFF Micah Lussier.

In addition to Irina and Micah coming under fire for making fun of a castmate following a breakup, Irina was also slammed for her treatment of her former fiance, Zack Goytowski.

Irina also got flirty with Micah’s then-fiance, Paul Peden, during their group trip to Mexico, causing tension in the ladies’ friendship. Following the criticism they received from Love Is Blind viewers, Micah addressed the backlash and dished on their friendship.

Micah told E! News, “After everything that happened with Paul, I was unsure if we would continue to be friends.”

“What the future has in store for our friendship? I don’t know,” Micah added.

Though it’s unclear whether Irina and Micah were able to fully mend their relationship, they follow each other on Instagram, which could be an indication that they’re at least open to the idea.

Season 4 of Love Is Blind is currently streaming on Netflix.

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